Windows 7 for the Pro’s! Meet Michael Anderberg from TrueSec for a 3 day hands-on lab this January.

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Mastering Windows 7

Universally hailed as probably the greatest OS that Microsoft has ever released the thirst for knowledge of Windows 7 and its deployment-, management- and usability-capabilities is unsurpassed! Michael Anderberg came onboard at TrueSec in Sweden after spending more than 10 years with Microsoft in Sweden as a Technology Specialist and Evangelist, and was put in charge of developing a lab based on his and TrueSec’s knowledge and experience of the product based on the last couple of years actively working with Microsoft worldwide in getting the product ready for customers and the customers ready for Windows 7.

The lab itself is three days of mostly hand on actually trying everything from deployment tools to news in the GUI as well as management of Windows 7 in the Enterprise and not to forget getting ready for it by understanding what tools that are available to you when it comes to judging your organization’s readiness in hardware compatibility and capabilities as well as how you get your apps running thanks to application compatibility tools. This is mixed with Michael presenting on the various topics as we go along and thus give you the understanding of each feature as well as Microsoft’s reasoning behind why they’ve done things in a particular way.

Covered in the lab are among other things the following all of it hands-on, yet the definition of a lab are that you can also ask questions and if possible we’ll make sure that you get to try that too:

* Background to Windows 7 * Basic deployment with Windows Deployment Services and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 * Device Stage * JumpLists* PowerCFG * Internet Explorer 8 with Instant Search, Accelerators, Web slices, compatibility modes etc. * Group Policy * Boot from VHD * BCD Edit *  Windows Recovery Environment * Bitlocker and Bitlocker to Go * Task Scheduler * WinRM/WinRS * Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) * Offline Domain Join * Trouble Shooting Scripts * Event Management * Application Compatibility and how to shim applications



New York

January 12-14, 2010
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