Shopping 3.1 Launch Webinar

Is Your Organization Suffering from Application Sprawl?

Time to go Shopping™ For a Typical ROI of Between 3-6 Months!

Join one of two webinars on Thursday 3rd December and Tuesday 9th December at 16.00 GMT to find out how 1E can help your organization reduce the overall cost of IT, increase operational efficiencies and foster greater energy savings through automation and software license control.

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More About Shopping™

Our self-service provisioning tool Shopping has a built-in application rental feature, which enables individual users to select the application they want when they want it. Expensive applications that are only needed for a short period of time can be temporarily deployed, providing your organization with significant license cost savings.  By eliminating the complexities of software provisioning and automating the request, approval, delivery and license control process, Shopping also dramatically reduces helpdesk support time.

What’s New with Shopping 3.1?

The key new features of version 3.1 include:

· Branch Office Administration – enabling delegation of administrative tasks so that app publication and approval can now be done either centrally or at a branch level, allowing organizations to save costs by delegating systems management control to branch administrators.

· Advanced Category Management – full Interactive directory integration allowing individual departments the right to restrict access to certain applications based upon the PC from which the request is being made

· Increased Platform Support – for a wider range of platforms including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008

This new release of Shopping 3.1 also offers enhanced scalability and performance, multi-domain and Unicode support enabling application name and description displays in foreign language character sets such as Chinese and Japanese. Shopping is fully integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory.

Proven success

By deploying Shopping, our customer Peterborough City Council has seen cost savings in terms of money spent on support calls relating to the availability of new software for users. Similarly, Reed Elsevier* saw productivity savings when it gave individual users the freedom to select and install the authorized applications they wanted.

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