Just in time for the holidays – the myITforum Amazon.com shopping portal…

Each year we roll out the fabled myITforum Amazon.com shopping portal graphic.  This year is no exception.  If you jump out to the main page of myITforum.com right now you’ll see the graphic at the top right. 


The majority of people shop at Amazon.com anyway, so we have partnered with Amazon.com to provide a click-through link straight to Amazon.com.  But, the link does a bit more than just take you to Amazon.com, it also provides a special link for myITforum’ers so that any purchases you make at Amazon.com during the holidays generates a small percentage of revenue to help myITforum.com’s financial needs.

Financial needs?  Oh yeah.  Did you know that myITforum.com employs 3 people and the site also incurs a significant operating cost during the year for hosting, development, administration, etc.?  Everything to you on myITforum.com is free, and will always stay that way.  But, to keep the lights on we do have financial needs.  myITforum.com started small way back when, but has blossomed into the defacto site for all things System Center and Systems Management.  The ever-growing amount of traffic is staggering.  If I showed you the stats you’d probably pass out and wonder how we’ve managed over the years.

So, just a simple Amazon.com icon on the site is a small way for you to give back – without giving back.  Just a simple click through our Amazon.com shopping portal costs you nothing, but provides a good deal of value to us if you use Amazon.com to make any holiday purchases.  It won’t keep the lights on, but it definitely helps.


Shop at Amazon.com and myITforum.com benefits!

P.S. Feel free to send the info to friends and family.

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