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Novell® Linux* Management Pack for Microsoft* System Center Operations Manager expands the monitoring capabilities of Operations Manager in enterprise environments by enabling monitoring of key Linux services. A consolidated operations console displays the health of these services—along with Microsoft Cross Platform Extensions—so that you can respond to alerts, run diagnostics, and consider possible solutions for detected issues.

The Management Pack uses WS-Management 1.1, a Web services-based protocol that enables remote computer management over HTTP and HTTPS. WS-Management enables secure and efficient data transfers by requiring authentication and using HTTPS as the transport. It is required for all communication between Linux Services Management Packs and Linux systems.

key product features

The Novell Linux Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager includes additional agent extensions for Microsoft Cross Platform Extensions installation. When installed, the combined components add the following features to Operations Manager:

  • Monitoring of services in SLES 10 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and higher, SLES 11, and RHEL 5.x.
    • DHCP
    • Samba
    • OpenLDAP
    • SUSE firewall
    • CUPS
    • NFS
  • Discovery of SLES servers based on the Microsoft Cross Platform Discovery Wizard
  • Automatic deployment for Management Agent plug-ins
  • Reporting of the service state (running or not running)
  • Stop/Start/Restart capabilities for all services
  • Availability of alerts for most services
  • Tracking of allocated IP address by DHCP service
  • Monitoring of Samba shares and users

The Novell Linux Management Pack integrates with Novell Support Advisor, an automated self-help tool used to support and diagnose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Open Enterprise Server (Linux) and associated products. Novell Support Advisor provides customers with a streamlined way to perform both proactive and reactive system diagnostic tasks in a local, secure and automated fashion.

NOVELL: Downloads – Novell Linux Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager

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