Welcome to myITforum, Martin Dey, Microsoft Director and MMS Event Owner

myITforum.com has been friends with the MMS organizers since the very beginning, even before it was a Microsoft event.  We have a long friendship and history together.  There are a lot of people behind the scenes who are dear, dear friends, and I could go on and on about those friendships, probably even tear-up about it because there are some we’ve lost over the years, but I won’t for the moment.

What I’m really excited to announce, though, is that Martin Dey, the original organizer for the Microsoft Management Summit has started a blog to finally detail his “Road to MMS”.  Martin has agreed to finally tell the story of MMS, from its inception, through the planning and execution, to the final wrap-up of the event so you can get a real taste of what its like to plan an event this large and this popular.

So, welcome Martin to the myITforum.com fold by reading his first post and letting him know what you’d like to hear from him next.

Starting the MMS Story

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