How can I give back to the community that has given me so much?

Ways to Help! – Sharing Knowledge.

Embrace your "inner author" to help teach others is Powered by You and depends on you to give your time, experience, and knowledge through the web-based forums and email discussion lists, by writing articles as a columnist, by participating in the Wiki, and by becoming a blogger. As you participate in these ways, you help to continue building the reputation, keep the community growing, while also increasing your own professional reputation, skills, and knowledge.

Some of you may be in your specific job because of, and some of you may not have been able to perform your job without Some of you may have tried other communities and felt like you simply didn't belong there. offers as many ways as possible to ensure success in your professional life. has contributed more members to the Microsoft MVP program than any other organization. Please consider giving back to the community that has given so much to you.


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Ways to Help! – Going Shopping.

Help your fellow geeks and help

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It doesn't cost you any extra cash to use the links. So, have fun shopping and know that you are helping in the process.

Thanks in advance!

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