Management Pack Catalog on PinPoint – the poll results so far…

As you may or may not know, we’re running a poll to show community thoughts about Microsoft moving the OpsMgr 2007 Management Pack catalog to their new PinPoint technology.  As we noted before, the thoughts have been mixed, and our poll so far is reflecting that.

Here’s a quick sampling so far:

What do you think of the new OpsMgr 2007 Management Pack catalog on PinPoint? (feel free to leave comments)
Love it! Great move Microsoft!
Could be useful. I'll wait and see how it works out.
What the–?? Who did this?
I hate it! Put it back!


And, the number one comments is:

Sorting by release date is not available anymore which is a big pain. And the categories filter is not that intuitive.


So, while the poll numbers suggest that this wasn’t a great move in the minds of those who relied on the old catalog, I think it also suggests (through the comments) that Microsoft could provide some immediate improvement just by adding a sorting mechanism by release date.

Do you feel the same?  Drop out and participate in the poll:

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