Sharing the myITforum love in both the old and NEW article system…

The community creates a LOT of content, and you know that.  But, we’ve now made it EASIER to share information across many various mechanisms, such as Email and social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Across all article pages (new and old) now, you’ll see a “Share” button.  When hover over it a dropdown box will appear giving you the option of using your favorite sharing method.


Oh, and did you hear me say something about old and NEW article system?  Sure you did.  You can find the new “Share” button on one of Chris Nackers’ recent articles on both article versions.

OLD version

NEW version

And, P.S. – would you like the ability to search the ENTIRE web site in one interface?  Shhhh…this is secret!

Try the Article search:

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