The new Community File Share Service unveiled…

Sending large files over the Internet is a real nightmare. Email attachment delivery can be unreliable due to size and content.  Sending large log files to email discussion lists can bog down the email server.  And, FTP is not for everyone. How can you and your organization upload and download large files and ensure that they indeed get delivered?

That's where the Community File Share service comes in!


The Community File Share service is an advanced web-based file hosting application that allows you to upload large or confidential files to our server and email the file download link to your chosen recipients, or share the URL with anyone you choose.



Cool Features!

  • Supports Multiple File Uploads
  • File Download Expiration
  • Password Protected Downloads
  • Email Based Notifications
  • Direct File Download
  • File Deletion Links
  • File Uploads are Automatically Compressed & ZIPPED
  • Firefox support

It’s all yours!  Try it today…

Incidentally, our buddies at Intel also have an announcement about this new service:

Ad Criminal:

The Internet movie database now has ads popping up all over the place.  insWeb seems to be using Geico’s slogan on the Internet Movie Database web site:


Ad Criminal:

Another fine, ad-invested TechTarget property, pushes advertisements in your face with the “read me first” advertisement model.


I noticed recently that TechTarget was nominated for some major awards.  Well, here’s the presentation of the recent major award.

Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.


RoadRunner’s web address error redirect preferences don’t work sometimes

As shown below in my preferences, I choose not to allow RoadRunner’s (my ISP) DNS to redirect my browser when an URL is not valid.  Yet, sometimes, RoadRunner does it anyway, despite the preferences I have chosen.


If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s powered by Yahoo.  That might be part of the problem.  With Yahoo’s woes and their stock failing, maybe they’re paying RoadRunner to allow the page to filter through sometimes.  Who knows?

Preload Package Tool for Configuration Manager 2007

The Preload Package Tool (PreloadPkgOnSite.exe) is used to manually install compressed copies of software distribution package source files on Configuration Manager 2007 sites. After package source files are installed, a status message is sent up the site hierarchy indicating the presence of the new package source files. This avoids sites higher in the hierarchy from copying package source files over the network when distribution points at child site are selected to host software distribution package content that has already been preloaded on them.
The following feature enhancements have been made to the tool since it was released in the SMS 2003 Toolkit:

  • SQL Server named instance support
  • Administrator specified StoredPkgVersion value support