Intel WS-MAN Translator Beta released and available for download

The Intel WS-MAN translator is a crucial component for providing vPro legacy (less than firmware 3.2.1) support within Microsoft SCCM SP1. The beta of the WS-MAN Translator has been released and can be downloaded from the following location:

The installation and configuration of the WS-MAN Translator is a fairly straight forward process and can be broken up in three key steps: Configuring ISS Certificate, WS-MAN Install & Configuration, and Enabling support for Intel WS-MAN translator within SCCM.

High Level Installation steps & reference documentation:

For additional information on the WS-MAN Translator, please visit the FAQ

Note: The Intel WS-MAN Translator is current in Beta status and not considered a released product at this time.


Source: Intel Communities

List of fixes that are included in System Center Configuration Manager Service Pack 1



This article contains a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles that describe the fixes and updates that are contained in System Center Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 (SP1). This article is primarily intended to help IT Professionals and corporate helpdesk personnel to support and maintain a computer that is running System Center Configuration Manager.



Fix list

For more information about the updates that are included in System Center Configuration Manager SP1, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:


942536 (
You cannot move created objects into a folder or out of a folder if the folder was created on a secondary site of System Center Configuration Manager 2007

942700 (
The task sequence does not run on the protected branch distribution points in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

944342 (
Users cannot edit advertisements that they created in the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Administration Console

944542 (
The "wake on LAN" feature does not work as expected if a site server uses a non-daylight saving time zone in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

945306 (
Execution requests may remain in the WaitingDisabled state after an Operating System Deployment task sequence is executed in Configuration Manager 2007

945501 (
Some users do not receive a program that is advertised to a user group in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 advertisements

945898 (
The System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Offer Status Summarizer does not process advertisement status summary data

946518 (
Inventory data is not completely removed after you delete a system resource in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

946519 (
Every even task sequence reports exit error code 183 if you advertise several task sequences to a Systems Management Server client in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

950531 (
The Configuration Manager 2007 International Client Pack installation process fails, and you receive a "Setup cannot start SQL Server to perform the upgrade" error message

949767 (
When you use PXE to run a task sequence on a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 client computer, the task sequence does not run

949025 (
Users who have sufficient instance rights cannot delete a collection in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

949209 (
After you use the Transfer Settings Wizard to transfer status filter rules from one site to another in System Center Configuration Manager 2007, the receiving site no longer processes status messages

950653 (
A software inventory operation does not work correctly in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 if the inventoried file has invalid time attributes

950527 (
"Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 SP2, and Windows XP SP3 are not listed as supported platforms for software distribution, update management, or desired configuration management in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 "

Alex’s quote in the local paper

The Middletown Journal (our local paper) ran a story on the Regional Track meet from this past week.  I mentioned in my last post in the Alex Trent saga, that the paper had interviewed Alex after winning a berth to the State competition.

Here's the story:

And, here's Alex's quote…

Madison runner Alex Trent became the third Mohawk to earn a state trip when he placed third in the 400-meter run. The Madison junior said heading to Columbus seemed kind of surreal to him.

"It's my first time going there, but all of a sudden I'm now a state qualifier! It's a great feeling to have," he said.

After reading it, I was perplexed.  This did not sound like something that would come out of my son's mouth.  So, I found Alex, showed him the paper and asked him about it.  He wasn't upset and laughed it off, but he told me that he didn't say any of it.  The news reporter pretty much made up what he thought would sound good.


Alex Wins his Berth to the State Track Meet

Despite a strong wind that seemed to come from all directions at once JOMS-600x200sometimes, Alex met the challenge today and qualified for a trip to the State Track meet at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on the grounds of Ohio State University.

Alex qualified with the exact same time that he qualified for the Regional Finals with — a time of 50.77 seconds in the 400m.  He came in 3rd place, and he's the only Junior (11th grader in High School) to move on to the State tournament (all of the others to qualify were Seniors).

Here's the video of his run (listen to how hard the wind was blowing)…

If you know, or have ever met, Alex, you know that he's a tall, lanky fellow.  So, seeing him in the 3rd place position on the awards blocks was kind of funny.  Even Alex Trent 3rd Place Ohio Regionalthough he's in the 3rd place spot on the block, his head is still on the same level as the 2nd and 1st place finishers.  Notice the 1st place winner, though.  Alex and I both really liked the uniforms this team wore.  The emblem on the chest of the uniform makes them look like superheroes.  How can you *not* be intimidating wearing a superhero costume?  Alex indicated he may try to talk his coach into new uniforms for next year.

Alex's height has always been a plus, because being tall usually means you're generally not fast.  This causes other runners to underestimate his speed.  Today, however, his height was a detriment because he had a much higher profile to the wind, which slowed him down considerably.  So, you can understand a bit what a feat it was to finish even 3rd.  He said that at times he felt he was moving in slow motion.  He felt he was in one of those dreams where you run as fast as you can but don't get anywhere.

Yet, here's our boy, wearing his Regional hardware (bling) proudly:

Alex Trent Regional Winner

He didn't take it off for several hours even after we made it back home today. JOMS-statue And, incidentally, he's still wearing his track uniform.

After the race the local newspaper grabbed him for an interview.  Alex said he gave them the standard sports comments like "I'm pleased to do well today" and "I'm really excited to be moving on".  Funny guy.  So, I should have more to post tomorrow about this when the local paper releases.  What's interesting is that his interview will be in the Sunday paper — the biggest paper of the week.  That should get some additional attention from potential colleges.

So, yeah.  We're off to Ohio State University on Thursday of this week.  Alex's  qualifying run is on Friday, June 6th, at 3:10pm.  If he finishes in the top 4 of his heat on Friday, he'll run again on Saturday, June 7th, at 2:05pm.  We're going to make a fun, family weekend of it.

If you happen to be in the Ohio State area either of those days, drop by and look us up, and sit down to watch our boy run.  We'll be in Building 092 on the Ohio State campus.


Located on Fred Taylor Drive, north of Lane Avenue, Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium is the newest addition to The Ohio State University Department of Athletics’ aggressive campaign to upgrade and build state-of-the-art facilities for competition.

The 10,000-seat Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium arguably is one of the finest multi-sport facilities in the country, hosting track and field and lacrosse in the spring and soccer in the fall.




Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium JO
Building 092
2450 Fred Taylor Dr
Columbus, OH 43210

Alex is going to State!

Alex pulled it off, even though we have 40 mph winds here today. Sunny, just windy.

He placed 3rd which gives him a berth at state.

I’ll post photos and video later, along with the whole story.

MMS 2008 2-DVD set available soon

The MMS 2008 DVDs are close to releasing.

Final tests on the DVD images are being performed now (it'll be a 2 DVD set this year), so it will be shipped in a week or two to attendees.

Also, the set will be available for purchase on the following web site for those who didn't attend and still want the goodness that is "MMS"…

or specifically:


The price for the DVD set is $250.00 US