Why Server Power Management?


When we first started to think about developing a power management solution specifically for servers, we had to first decide if there was a good reason to do so! When we developed NightWatchman for PCs, it was reasonably clear that there was (and still is) huge demand and opportunity for cost savings by implementing sensible and safe power management. After all there are millions of desktops out there, and the ratio of servers to PCs is at least 10 to 1, so the numbers are there, but what about the approach?

Why Server Power Management? – 1E Blog

1E Research Demonstrates That Out-of-the-Box PC Power Management is Inefficient for Users and the Environment


1E, a leading provider of software and services that specializes in reducing IT operational costs within business and government environments, today announced in-house research that explores how users currently fail to exploit the money and energy saving benefits available through managing their PC power usage. As the PC Power Management market leader, 1E gathered information from over 3,000 end user production PC’s over a one month period. The findings show that only 9% of desktop users of Windows XP, which ships with the sleep timer disabled, actually changed this setting and enabled a sleep timeout. In addition, 55% of users of Windows Vista, which ships out of the box with power management enabled, had turned off the sleep function completely.

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