System Center poll: Are you attending MMS 2010?

We’re getting closer to the dates of the best conference on systems management available, the Microsoft Management Summit 2010.  Are you still working to get approval?  Are you approved already and can’t wait to get there?

Let us know by participating in the latest MMS 2010 poll:

Are you attending MMS 2010? 


P.S. We’re working on communications about the annual party at MMS.  Keep an eye out for it.  Also, there will be a long awaited announcement at MMS 2010 from  Get ready!

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Built into our new article system, we’ve implemented a cool, new feature where *anyone* can submit news, links, insider information (anonymous, if you want) and just general news that the System Center community should know about.

As a columnist, the new article system requires a columnist login, but the “reporter” submission system doesn’t.  You’ll start to see the new link across the site so it’s easy to submit something quickly and easily.  Anything posted is reviewed first, but once it has been authorized for publishing it’ll hit our front pages, RSS streams, Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc. – and all attributed to you.


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Start the new year right – start blogging for an instant audience

Want to write some more technical content and get it to a larger audience? has over 120 bloggers who post topics ranging from System Center to Security.  Several Microsoft employees, who work with the products teams, blog at exclusively at  Our blogs continually get notoriety by industry organizations and posts to the blogs are regularly picked up in national and international media. offers blogs to anyone for free.  Blogging is a quick way to jot down a thought or idea, or write a complete article to help the community with hard to find answers to problems.  It's also a great way to share your experience on the job, or information you may have received by working with vendor support. 

If you would like to blog on and get noticed immediately by the community and industry leaders, drop a note to:  Blog setup takes minutes.

The last day of 2009 is an awesome time to prepare for MMS 2010

The Microsoft Management Summit is the best conference on Earth (I’ve not checked the one’s on Mars yet, so I can’t speak to that).  MMS has always been the best place to catch up on System Center products, attend labs, and develop friendships and networking contacts to help you manage your environment.  The cool thing is – myITforum has been part of MMS since the very beginning.  If you want to learn about that, drop out to the MMS Wiki and read all about it and even grab the RSS feed:

During my talks at MMS, I ask the same question each year: “How many people are familiar with myITforum?”

In the early days, even with smaller attendance numbers, the majority of people did not know about myITforum.  These days, even with the larger attendance numbers (i.e., 3,000 or 4,000 people), the majority of people know about myITforum and use its services daily.

With our long history with MMS, its should be no surprise that we also provide many services in conjunction with MMS.  So, this post is kind of a reminder for all of you that:

  1. myITforum is the place to go for MMS 2010 information, and
  2. Its time to start thinking about getting approval to attend MMS 2010, if you haven’t already.

We have a couple docs to help you justify your attendance for MMS 2010.  You basically just grab these docs, tailor them to your own needs, and send them off to your manager for approval.  These docs are a sure-fire way to be able to attend MMS, meet the myITforum folks (System Center community), and become part of a System Center tradition.

Here’s the docs:

Henry Wilson's MMS 2010 Cost Justification Document

MMS 2010 Request to Management