Mike Mott at TechEd 2008 – myITforum.com rep and booth babe judge

Mike Mott spent time at TechEd 2008 this week, learning things.  Yes, lots of things.

And, then..he went on a mission to photograph himself with every booth babe in the Expo.  He’s passed along these photos for your pleasure, because we all know how the saying goes: “If there aren’t any pictures, it didn’t happen.”

Our goal is to vote for the “Best Booth Babe of TechEd 2008”.  Comment on the blog and let us know which one (or one’s) is your favorite.  If you select number 9, you need to see a doctor right away.

BTW: That’s a nice, swanky myITforum.com T-shirt he’s sporting!


 Booth Babe 1 Booth Babe 2 Booth Babe 3 Booth Babe 4 Booth Babe 5 Booth Babe 6 Booth Babe 7

Charlie conquers ConfigMgr 2007 using myITforum.com

Here’s a cool excerpt from Charlie’s post:

I went to my favorite problem solving site/forums ( http://www.myitforum.com ) and did a search and found the answer right away.  Did I mention I love that site?  (that site is why I know about and went to the MMS conference in Vegas)

Thanks, Charlie!

It’s always great to find little gems like this, particularly accidentally.

Read Charlie’s full post and find out how he used myITforum.com to fix this error message:

SMS WSUS Synchronization failed.
Message: WSUS server not configured.
Source: CWSyncMgr::DoSync.
  The operating system reported error 2147500037: Unspecified error

New myITforum.com specific functionality added to the System Center Windows Vista search gadget

Microsoft has added some new functionality for myITforum’ers into their System Center Windows Vista Search Gadget today.

  1. Now pages from the articles section of myITforum.com  (http://www.myitforum.com/articles/*) will be returned in search results for the overall System Center search and for specific product searches.  For example, when you set the gadget to search all System Center products, and then you click on the Blogs tab, these search results will now contain pages that have a URL that starts with http://www.myitforum.com/articles/.  Also, if you set the gadget to search for Operations Manager, Essentials, VMM, or Config Manager, then pages from the articles section of myITforum.com will also be returned in the results.
  2. Now when a user uses the “All System Center products” search, the results for the Forums tab will contain pages that have a URL that start with http://www.myITforum.com/forums/.
  3. The blogs search definitions have also been updated for System Center (all products), Operations Manager, Essentials, and Configuration Manager to include results from myITforum.com blogs.


Better myITforum.com Forum results

To get better results for the myITforum.com forums, though, you need precede your search statement with “myitforum”.

Click on the image tab.


Type something like:  image


Click the Search icon image

And, you’ll see the myITforum.com forums solutions first…



Grab the System Center Search Windows Vista Gadget!