Live Search: Microsoft’s Live Search Adds News Alerts


Microsoft's Live Search has added a new link to the right-hand column of any results page for "News alerts." Click the link, choose whether you want keyword-specific or top headlines from categories, then how often you want it emailed. No "as it happens" option, unfortunately, but webmasters and others who keep a close watch on news terms can diversify beyond Google with Live Search's alerts.

Live Search: Microsoft's Live Search Adds News Alerts

Live Mesh gets an update today…

Live Mesh notified me of an update a few minutes ago.


It’s now installing and configuring…

Man…still no mobile client.  When is that planned for?  If there was a mobile client available, I’d use Live Mesh more.

Nothing on the Live Mesh blog about the update.

Today’s Live Search photo…

Have you been following the search photos?  Each day a new photo appears along with pop-up text references for parts of the picture.  It’s always a great way to learn something using Search.

Check out today’s photo of the Great Wall:


And, then drop out to and keep track of the great, hi-rez photos each day: