Live Mesh is now openly available to anyone in the U.S

The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce that anyone in the U.S. can now use Live Mesh just by signing in to with a valid Windows Live ID. No sign up needed to participate!

International Customers

With Live Mesh open to anyone in the US, our international friends can join in the fun early as well – with one caveat: you must be willing to change your Windows operating system region and language setting to EN-US. Once you do this you will be able to immediately sign in to Live Mesh with a valid Windows Live ID. Please be aware that this may cause other applications that specifically require your native country region and language settings to encounter problems.


Once you've begun using Live Mesh, we'd love to hear from you! We are working hard to create the best experience and appreciate any feedback you have. Please send us feedback using our online form. You can also submit (and view others') feedback and bugs here on the Microsoft Connect website.

Thank you,
The Live Mesh team

Did you know? Windows Live has OneCare for Servers?

Windows Live OneCare for Server has all the award winning functionality of Windows Live OneCare, with exciting support for Windows Server environment. Windows Live OneCare for Server is designed with small business users in mind. With OneCare for Server and OneCare, small business owners will be able to protect the Windows-based servers, laptops, and PCs in their small business networks.

Some Windows Live Writer plug-in is giving me fits today

Last night I added a couple additional plug-ins for Windows Live Writer that I thought sounded useful.  Today, while keeping Windows Live Writer open, like I do, I periodically receive the following error message:


I guess I’ll have to uninstall the plug-ins and then reinstall them one-by-one until I figure out which one is giving me problems.

Windows Search 4.0 released!

This release focuses on performance and reliability improvements.  Here are some highlights:

  • Faster queries, often several times faster
  • Faster indexing / reduced resource usage
  • Support for EFS (encrypted folders)
  • Support for indexing delegate mailboxes
  • Fixes for all the top reported Watson crashes / errors
  • New group policy options

This release also adds the following Vista / Server 2008 features to Windows XP / Server 2003 systems:

  • Remote query support (using the server’s indexed when querying a network share)
  • Support for Vista-style preview handlers (Office 2007 documents, etc)

Read the KB article here for more details and complete feature list


BTW: Installing this will force a reboot.