REDFLY $199 Promotional Price Extended

Redfly Celio Corp is extending its $199 promotional pricing for the REDFLY Mobile Companion until Monday, November 17th, 2008 allowing more people to get REDFLY at 50% off the MRSP of $399 for a limited time.*

The promotion has been enormously successful by introducing REDFLY to new markets, users and applications. The breadth of user interaction and media coverage has propelled REDFLY into the mobile market spotlight and caught the attention of handset makers, service providers, and application developers.

REDFLY is opening new mobile markets that did not exist before. The reception has been tremendous into vertical markets like healthcare, government, sales force, and service force applications.

Visit for more information on this limited time program and pricing.

Learn more about REDFLY at

Compatible Smartphone Required
REDFLY is compatible with selected Windows Mobile Smartphones, but Celio may support smartphones based on the business case and/or the opportunity size. (Visit to view a full list of supported phones).

Please contact a sales representative at or 1-888-4REDFLY, if you have questions or are interested in support for other smartphones.

Gas and Electric company to offer rebates to customers of KACE products?

The press release says so, but I’m having a hard time finding related information on the PG&E web site to confirm.

Press release:

PG&E web site:


I sent an email to PG&E to try and get confirmation.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Here’s their response (I may have to call them directly)…

We have received your electronic message, and will try to get back to you within 1-2 business days if your message requests a response. If your message is regarding a hazardous situation, please contact us immediately at 1(800)743-5000 to speak to a customer service representative. Thank you for your interest.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Updating my Redfly drivers today

My Redfly needs a firmware update.  If you have a Redfly prior to build, you’ll want to update, too.

The new firmware fixes some things and adds some new features.

The Redfly folks also sent me an unreleased version of the Redfly software for my WM 5.0 device.  If you need WM 5.0 support, you’ll have to contact Redfly support for an update.

Here’s the installation instructions page:


UPDATE:  The update was flawless.  Quick and easy.  I’m just starting to play with the updated hardware now, but I can see already that they fixed the mouse activity on my Motorola Q.

Battery life and Wifi – the *** in the Zune 3.0 armor

If you’ve installed the new Zune 3.0 software and firmware update, are you using the new Internet connection functions to Zune Marketplace and Zune-to-Zune gaming?

Both my daughter and myself each have a Zune.  She has my hand-me-down Zune 30 (original) and I have the newer Zune 80, so I have been able to test this on both models.  Unless Microsoft has beefed up the battery life of the new Zune 120, I’m sure that it, too, will suffer from the problem.

The issue is that Microsoft recently announced a partnership with McDonald’s and others to provide free Wifi access to Zune users.  The new Zune software allows Internet access to Zune Marketplace (new feature) and also connection features for Zune-to-Zune song sharing (not new), Zune-to-Zune community (not new), and Zune-to-Zune gaming (new feature).

So, both my daughter and I have been burning up the Wifi wires using the cool, new Marketplace connection.  You can basically access Zune Marketplace directly from the Zune and download songs, check lists like “What’s New”, “What’s hot”, etc.  Really cool feature.  However, this EATS battery juice like nothing I’ve ever seen!  The Zune hardware is simply not made for this feature.  While it works great, it only works for what seems a few minutes at a time before you have to charge the Zune’s battery.  This is a major reason why the Zune battery should be user replaceable so that you can keep spares on hand.  My daughter sat in our living room yesterday, searched Marketplace, downloaded 2 albums, and had to recharge her Zune.  That was after starting from a full charge.

So…all of this cool news about “free Wifi at McDonald’s” isn’t really great news at all because just as soon as Zune users start to download songs while eating their Big Macs, their Zune will go dead before they can say: “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun”.

Luckily, Microsoft keeps improving the Zune with each model and each software/firmware upgrade, so maybe they’ll pay extra attention to the battery life in future models.

I’m still a Zune lover, but I recognize the limitations, and will have to work around those to get the best enjoyment I can out of the hardware.  Why can’t anything be perfect – ever?

Zune 3.0 software is much kinder

The latest update to the Zune software handles downloads, synching, and performance much better.  Download my daily Podcasts and synching the Zune would generally cause a slowdown of my computer.  Not anymore. 

Good job Zune crew!