Flash Player Catalog for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2

If you are using Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2, you can import the Adobe Flash Player Catalog with the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates.

1. Start the Microsoft Custom Updates Publishing Tool.

2. Click Settings.

3. Choose the Import List tab and click Add.

4. In the Choose Path field, enter the location of the Adobe Flash Player catalog:

5. In the Publisher field, enter "Adobe Systems, Inc."

6. In the Name field, enter "Adobe Flash Player Catalog."

7. Enter an optional description, if desired.

8. Click OK.

Free tool Coretech Application Creator gets a new name – Coretech SCCM Manager 1.0.3

This utility is developed based on many years of experience with Microsoft System Management Server now System Center Configuration Manager. Our mission is to streamline every aspect of the package creation process thus making the daily administration of the system smarter. In the latest version you’ll also find functionality to prestage computers and configure variables used in the image deployment process.

This utility is Freeware, making it illegal to change or sell, but legal to use in any purposes.



New SCCM/SMS Software Updates from Roger Zander

SCCM Client Center has been updated to v2.0.1.0.
Changes .

  • Countdown timer has gone, just need to press OK instead 🙂
  • AppV info / Offer Remote Assistance Addons
  • Download User policy and Apply
  • Logged on user name (adhoc inventory option)
  • for Add/Remove Programs & Security state you can copy contents to clipboard (advise pasting to excel)
  • Service Windows (show, add, delete)

SCCM Collection Commander updated to 1.3.2

  • WOL feature fixed 
  • FreeDiskSpace and CheckAdvertisement feature added 
  • Check WSUS reboot state feature added 
  • Disable editing during ping process. 
  • RowHeader double click does switch between Rom and Cell select 
  • CCMSetup parameters now stored in smscollctr.config

SMS 2003 Object Backup – Beta V0.7.0.7 released
– Remove Direct Membership Issue fixed (Collection) 
– Assign Collection to Root Issue fixed 
– …

1E Migration Tool


1E Migration Tool

This tool is designed to allow an SMS Administrator to Migrate all or selected packages and programs from his SMS environment into a System Center Configuration Management (ConfigMgr) environment. The tool has the following features:-

  • The Migration of Package and Program details along with source files
  • Renaming of Package and Program names during migration
  • Direct transfer of packages from your SMS site to ConfigMgr
  • Export to flat file structure from SMS site and Import into ConfigMgr from flat file
  • Exporting of SMSNomad command line settings to new ConfigMgr Nomad tab settings.

1E Free tools – Windows Management,Power Management,SMS Tools,WMIping