Giving the Redfly a good test this weekend

We’re off to OSU this weekend to watch Alex run in the state finals.  So, I’ve Stadium-at-nightdecided to put the Redfly through it’s paces while we’re away.

Really, the Redfly is only as good as your Smartphone, I’m finding.  I have an older Motorola Q from Verizon and I believe I may need to upgrade the phone soon, to take advantage of Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Redfly.  But, that’s another story.

Instead of taking my laptop with us on the trip, I’m leaving it here and taking just my Motorola Q and the Redfly – to see how well I can get along with the duo.

I’ll be reading and replying to email, texting, working on documents using “Documents to Go”, blogging, and whatever else I can cook up.  I think this is the best way to completely test the Redfly for a thorough review.  I have some business docs that I need to review before Monday and I’m counting that the Redfly will allow me to do that.

I’ll also try blogging live from the Track meet.  It’ll be interesting to redfly_smallsee how the Redfly screen does in direct sunlight.

Wish us good luck on both accounts, i.e., 1) Alex running in the State finals, and 2) My experience on the road with the Redfly.


BTW: If you’re not familiar with Documents to Go and use a Windows Mobile phone, you really should grab the app.

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Alex and buds highlighted in local paper

Meg was talking to my Dad this morning and he said that Alex and his State buddies have a huge picture and article in today’s newspaper.  I guess we’ll have to head out and pick one up.

I found the article online, but they didn’t include the picture.  UPDATED with photos at the bottom.

Here’s the article…

Mohawk trio eager for state trip

Confident Madison athletes say they're ready to give it their all this weekend in Columbus competition.

MADISON TWP. — For the first time in 11 years, Madison has three athletes making their first trip to the state track and field championships this weekend:

• Alex Trent is a quiet runner who lets his feet do the talking.

• Cody Martini is a lanky sophomore who's putting all the intricate moves required in the pole vault together at the right time.

Adam Lewis is a speedy long jumper who is suddenly soaring to new distances.

All three are excited about competing among the state's best on Friday and Saturday, June 6 and 7 in Columbus.

With veteran assistant Warren Elam looking on, Lewis flies through the air in the school's newly constructed sand pit.

A year ago, when Lewis and a few other area competitors were coming close to jumping out of the old pit, Steve Frahley Construction built a longer sand pit and dumped 55 tons of white silica sand in it.

The confidence in the new landing area has helped the Mohawk junior this season, and he went on to win the Southwestern Buckeye League long jump crown.

"I'm just working on my speed coming in and keeping my heels up," Lewis said during Tuesday's practice. "I just feel like I've been putting it all together late in the year."

Lewis had been hanging around the 21 foot, 3 inch mark for most of the season but leapt 21-11 in the regionals last week to qualify. His jump is listed as fourth best among state competitors.

"I'm shooting for the top three (at state)," he said. "And I think I'm very capable of doing that."

Down the way, vault coach Tate Cobb (a 1989 state qualifier) works on Martini's form. A bungee cord across the top is set at 14 feet. Martini, whose best vault of 13 feet came at last week's regionals, is oh-so-close to clearing it.

"In the past, I was the one getting beat by the kids who were doing everything right when they'd vault," Martini, the 2008 SWBL vault champ said. "Now I'm beating them."

Martini is trying to be realistic about his first trip to state, saying he'll take what he gets in hopes of getting back to Columbus the next two years.

"If I place, that's great. If I don't, that's fine, too. I'll be back for sure," he said.

Madison coach and three-time state qualifier Aaron Grant puts Trent through his paces.

Grant, his brother, Rudy, and Craig Vest were the last Mohawk trio to go to state together in 1997.

On this day, coach and pupil are working on Trent's speed in the final 100 meters of the race. Trent admits to being a bit nervous, like the others.

"Yeah, but it's because I don't know what to expect," he said. "I think me and Adam and Cody are ready to show everyone else what we've got," he said.

UPDATED: Here’s the photo in the paper, hanging proudly on our fridge…

Alex_Track_Paper 002 Alex_Track_Paper 001  Alex_Track_Paper 003

Alex’s quote in the local paper

The Middletown Journal (our local paper) ran a story on the Regional Track meet from this past week.  I mentioned in my last post in the Alex Trent saga, that the paper had interviewed Alex after winning a berth to the State competition.

Here's the story:

And, here's Alex's quote…

Madison runner Alex Trent became the third Mohawk to earn a state trip when he placed third in the 400-meter run. The Madison junior said heading to Columbus seemed kind of surreal to him.

"It's my first time going there, but all of a sudden I'm now a state qualifier! It's a great feeling to have," he said.

After reading it, I was perplexed.  This did not sound like something that would come out of my son's mouth.  So, I found Alex, showed him the paper and asked him about it.  He wasn't upset and laughed it off, but he told me that he didn't say any of it.  The news reporter pretty much made up what he thought would sound good.


Alex Wins his Berth to the State Track Meet

Despite a strong wind that seemed to come from all directions at once JOMS-600x200sometimes, Alex met the challenge today and qualified for a trip to the State Track meet at the Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on the grounds of Ohio State University.

Alex qualified with the exact same time that he qualified for the Regional Finals with — a time of 50.77 seconds in the 400m.  He came in 3rd place, and he's the only Junior (11th grader in High School) to move on to the State tournament (all of the others to qualify were Seniors).

Here's the video of his run (listen to how hard the wind was blowing)…

If you know, or have ever met, Alex, you know that he's a tall, lanky fellow.  So, seeing him in the 3rd place position on the awards blocks was kind of funny.  Even Alex Trent 3rd Place Ohio Regionalthough he's in the 3rd place spot on the block, his head is still on the same level as the 2nd and 1st place finishers.  Notice the 1st place winner, though.  Alex and I both really liked the uniforms this team wore.  The emblem on the chest of the uniform makes them look like superheroes.  How can you *not* be intimidating wearing a superhero costume?  Alex indicated he may try to talk his coach into new uniforms for next year.

Alex's height has always been a plus, because being tall usually means you're generally not fast.  This causes other runners to underestimate his speed.  Today, however, his height was a detriment because he had a much higher profile to the wind, which slowed him down considerably.  So, you can understand a bit what a feat it was to finish even 3rd.  He said that at times he felt he was moving in slow motion.  He felt he was in one of those dreams where you run as fast as you can but don't get anywhere.

Yet, here's our boy, wearing his Regional hardware (bling) proudly:

Alex Trent Regional Winner

He didn't take it off for several hours even after we made it back home today. JOMS-statue And, incidentally, he's still wearing his track uniform.

After the race the local newspaper grabbed him for an interview.  Alex said he gave them the standard sports comments like "I'm pleased to do well today" and "I'm really excited to be moving on".  Funny guy.  So, I should have more to post tomorrow about this when the local paper releases.  What's interesting is that his interview will be in the Sunday paper — the biggest paper of the week.  That should get some additional attention from potential colleges.

So, yeah.  We're off to Ohio State University on Thursday of this week.  Alex's  qualifying run is on Friday, June 6th, at 3:10pm.  If he finishes in the top 4 of his heat on Friday, he'll run again on Saturday, June 7th, at 2:05pm.  We're going to make a fun, family weekend of it.

If you happen to be in the Ohio State area either of those days, drop by and look us up, and sit down to watch our boy run.  We'll be in Building 092 on the Ohio State campus.


Located on Fred Taylor Drive, north of Lane Avenue, Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium is the newest addition to The Ohio State University Department of Athletics’ aggressive campaign to upgrade and build state-of-the-art facilities for competition.

The 10,000-seat Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium arguably is one of the finest multi-sport facilities in the country, hosting track and field and lacrosse in the spring and soccer in the fall.




Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium JO
Building 092
2450 Fred Taylor Dr
Columbus, OH 43210

Alex is going to State!

Alex pulled it off, even though we have 40 mph winds here today. Sunny, just windy.

He placed 3rd which gives him a berth at state.

I’ll post photos and video later, along with the whole story.