System Center Mobile Device Manager was hard to roll out in Microsoft?

Wow, it’s been a remarkably long road to getting System Center Mobile Device Manager deployed here internally at Microsoft – and to be honest, we really don’t have it released to the general population yet

Doesn’t promote a lot of confidence, does it?

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BTW: Why is BPuhl blogging on WordPress if he’s a Microsoftie?

Facebook for Windows Mobile

…well, and for PocketPCs (but who has one of those any longer?)  FriendMobilizer, a free application for Windows Smartphones and Pocket PC's that puts Facebook into the palm of your hand.

  • Get notifications sent directly to your home screen
  • Set your status
  • Approve friend requests
  • View Group/Event invites
  • Check your wall and inbox
  • Send your friends messages, pokes, and wall posts


  • New specific functionality added to the System Center Windows Vista search gadget

    Microsoft has added some new functionality for myITforum’ers into their System Center Windows Vista Search Gadget today.

    1. Now pages from the articles section of  (*) will be returned in search results for the overall System Center search and for specific product searches.  For example, when you set the gadget to search all System Center products, and then you click on the Blogs tab, these search results will now contain pages that have a URL that starts with  Also, if you set the gadget to search for Operations Manager, Essentials, VMM, or Config Manager, then pages from the articles section of will also be returned in the results.
    2. Now when a user uses the “All System Center products” search, the results for the Forums tab will contain pages that have a URL that start with
    3. The blogs search definitions have also been updated for System Center (all products), Operations Manager, Essentials, and Configuration Manager to include results from blogs.


    Better Forum results

    To get better results for the forums, though, you need precede your search statement with “myitforum”.

    Click on the image tab.


    Type something like:  image


    Click the Search icon image

    And, you’ll see the forums solutions first…



    Grab the System Center Search Windows Vista Gadget!


    redfly – im sold for now

    i've used the redfly extensively on our trip to alex's state track tourney, and i've come to one primary conclusion — i need a better smartphone. the redfly is great and i'm going to continue to figure out ways to use it instead of my regular setup. its definitely a great, handy traveling device. but, the redfly is really only limited by the power of the smarphone you use. the redfly is basically a dumb terminal, adding keyboard, mouse, video, usb, etc. so, to continue to improve the abilities of the redfly, you simply need to improve the backend engine.

    so, i'll be looking for the best smartphone for the situation in the next few days. if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. i need something with horsepower and windows mobile 6.1.

    of course, i'd never turn down a demo unit from some vendor who would like to take advantage of the power of a review.

    skyfire doesn’t work with the redfly

    well i found one thing so far that doesn't work with the redfly — skyfire. skyfire is a great add-on for windows mobile. its a web browser that shows web sites in their actual format on a windows mobile device. its still in beta, but works great.

    the problem seems to be how the redfly resizes the screen. possibly skyfire can't handle the larger size screen.

    on the road to state

    we're off! meg is driving and i'm blogging on the redfly. our trip should take only about 1.5 hours. that will put us in columbus about 5:30pm.

    sorry about the capitlization problems in this post. the caps lock and caps shift doesn't seem to work with the redfly. something to ask for from the celio corp folks.

    Giving the Redfly a good test this weekend

    We’re off to OSU this weekend to watch Alex run in the state finals.  So, I’ve Stadium-at-nightdecided to put the Redfly through it’s paces while we’re away.

    Really, the Redfly is only as good as your Smartphone, I’m finding.  I have an older Motorola Q from Verizon and I believe I may need to upgrade the phone soon, to take advantage of Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Redfly.  But, that’s another story.

    Instead of taking my laptop with us on the trip, I’m leaving it here and taking just my Motorola Q and the Redfly – to see how well I can get along with the duo.

    I’ll be reading and replying to email, texting, working on documents using “Documents to Go”, blogging, and whatever else I can cook up.  I think this is the best way to completely test the Redfly for a thorough review.  I have some business docs that I need to review before Monday and I’m counting that the Redfly will allow me to do that.

    I’ll also try blogging live from the Track meet.  It’ll be interesting to redfly_smallsee how the Redfly screen does in direct sunlight.

    Wish us good luck on both accounts, i.e., 1) Alex running in the State finals, and 2) My experience on the road with the Redfly.


    BTW: If you’re not familiar with Documents to Go and use a Windows Mobile phone, you really should grab the app.

    Documents To Go for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone & 6 Standard lets you view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, view Adobe PDF files as well as unzip files on your device – all in one complete package