Assaulted by Adobe

On boot-up this morning  (before any other app had a chance to load, mind you), I was confronted with the following Adobe Flash message:


Stop taking over my computer, Adobe.  Your slow, unresponsive, horrible apps are stealing my joy.

Incidentally, I did do the update.  It took all of, maybe, 20 seconds.

Adobe Reader 9.0 includes it’s own Download “helper”

Now, what do I need this for?  Seems like Adobe hasn’t learned their lesson in including additional crapware with their products.  I opted out of the Google browser toolbar, like I always do, so why sneak something else onto my computer?  Makes me wonder what else they installed.


It’s called getPlus and it’s hanging my computer.  Plus, for some reasons two copies of it are running:


And, here’s two more things Adobe “Reader” is installing…


Don’t you love how Adobe decides that you want a Reader icon on your desktop?


Yep…it didn’t ask me my preference.

And, to top it all off, Adobe forced my computer to shutdown, leaving me with the following message when I rebooted…


Thanks, Adobe!

Subscribing to an RSS feed is nuts!

I go to subscribe to a feed today and am smacked straight in the face with the following list of options…


This is out of hand!  Someone should really reconsider how easy this technology is versus how hard it is to sign up these days.

Google turns adSense into potential *** distributor

How far is Google willing to go sell advertisements?

Google and Creator of ‘Family Guy’ Strike a Deal

While, “Family Guy” can be funny at times, there’s a part of the show that doesn’t sit well with me as the father of 3 kids – with 1 or 2 more on the way (we’ll find out the exact number on Wednesday!).  I may need to employ a parental chip on all my computers just to block out Google web page spam from here on out.

Time Warner has a busy signal for customer service?

Anyone that uses Time Warner for Internet, Cable, and Digital phone – have you noticed how the service has gone downhill dramatically over the last 6 months?

Time Warner pushed out a digital cable box upgrade yesterday to us, but is continuing to do so for all Time Warner customers in this area.  Its a neat upgrade, and it seemed to work well for us.  However, calling Time Warner today on another matter, their customer service line has a busy signal.  This isn’t a small company we’re talking about here.