Google turns adSense into potential *** distributor

How far is Google willing to go sell advertisements?

Google and Creator of ‘Family Guy’ Strike a Deal

While, “Family Guy” can be funny at times, there’s a part of the show that doesn’t sit well with me as the father of 3 kids – with 1 or 2 more on the way (we’ll find out the exact number on Wednesday!).  I may need to employ a parental chip on all my computers just to block out Google web page spam from here on out.

Time Warner has a busy signal for customer service?

Anyone that uses Time Warner for Internet, Cable, and Digital phone – have you noticed how the service has gone downhill dramatically over the last 6 months?

Time Warner pushed out a digital cable box upgrade yesterday to us, but is continuing to do so for all Time Warner customers in this area.  Its a neat upgrade, and it seemed to work well for us.  However, calling Time Warner today on another matter, their customer service line has a busy signal.  This isn’t a small company we’re talking about here.