Understanding Today’s News from Microsoft and HP


By now, you have likely seen the news that Microsoft and HP are expanding their 25 year partnership. Over the next three years, the companies will invest $250 million to help customers and partners substantially improve the customer experience for developing, deploying and managing today’s IT environments, and building next generation cloud applications.

Customers will see this investment spent in three key efforts:

· Joint engineering roadmap and set of technology offerings.

· Joint sales and marketing to help educate customers and arm the channel.

· Joint professional services to aid customers in getting the most out of their investments.

As part of its joint engineering roadmap and joint offerings, Microsoft and HP will collaborate on: 

1. Virtualization:

· Microsoft is now a preferred provider of virtualization solutions for HP, which will make it easier for a broader set of customers to deploy virtualization solutions that can improve server utilization by as much as 10x and reduce provisioning ties from months to minutes. 

· Microsoft and HP will deliver ‘Smart Bundles’ for small and medium businesses. These are a combination of hardware and software, including HP server, storage and networking solutions, coupled with Windows Server Hyper-V and HP Insight software, delivered in a single, cost-effective package. 

2. Management:

· HP now has the rights to resell and ship System Center as part of HP’s solutions.  This solution will be tuned, integrated and ready for customers.

· And coming soon, HP’s Insight Software and Business Technology Optimization solutions will begin to integrate and interoperate with Microsoft’s System Center suite of products.  This means that customers with heterogeneous computing environments will be able to more easily and more cost-effectively manage hardware and software from Microsoft and non-Microsoft operating systems and applications. 

3. Business Applications :

· The companies will deliver a set of pre-packaged and pre-configured data management and email solutions (‘machines’) that will deliver data warehousing, business intelligence, online transaction processing (OLTP) and messaging solutions.

4. The Cloud:

· HP and Microsoft will collaborate on the Windows Azure platform, with HP offering services, and Microsoft continuing to include HP hardware for Windows Azure infrastructure. 

Microsoft and HP detailed plans to increase opportunities for its 32,000 HP and Microsoft Frontline channel partners through extensive joint sales and marketing programs.  

These plans include a 10x increase of investment by both companies to help partners modernize their customers’ environments through a combination of software and hardware packages and services.  Just a few of the benefits partners will receive include:

· Simplified sales cycles resulting from Smart Bundles and all-inclusive packages will increase time-to-revenue and create add-on application and service sales opportunities.

· Flexible financing options through HP Financial Services, will enable resellers to make technology solutions more accessible and easy to acquire.

· Support from dedicated field resources will help with pre-sales initiatives and partner training.

· Jointly funded worldwide marketing campaigns, lead generation programs and sales tools, available at www.hpmspartners.com.

Finally, Microsoft and HP detailed plans to provide an integrated portfolio of joint professional services. Through more than 11,000 Microsoft-certified HP professionals worldwide, HP Services organizations, in partnership with Microsoft Services, will support the integrated hardware and software solutions from simple implementations to the most critical enterprise infrastructure. Just some of the service offerings include:

· Strategy workshops, ROI and business value services.

· Architecture, design, pilot, global implementation, support for server virtualization and management solutions, client virtualization, data management, and cloud computing.

· Per-seat fixed price Microsoft Exchange Server upgrade/migration services.

· Assistance for customers who seek to run their technology on-premises, outsourced or via the cloud.

To sum it up, this agreement represents the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end integrated technology stack across hardware and software — from infrastructure to application. Through this long term partnership, Microsoft and HP are helping customers reduce costs and get the most of their investments today, as they prepare for a future of business computing in the cloud.

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The Executive Guide to Service Management in an Uncertain Economy | Realtime Nexus


In an uncertain economy, IT departments can count on two very certain demands: increase productivity and cut costs. When it comes to service management, CFOs, CIOs, and IT managers face the difficult challenge of developing a strategy that is tightly aligned with business goals yet still delivers its services in the most cost-efficient manner possible. In The Executive Guide to Service Management in an Uncertain Economy, author Jeffery Hicks delivers an approach to service management that will show you how to meet the many business requirements of the IT department, such as reduced staff and lower budgets, all while still meeting the IT demands from customers, partners, and compliance organizations. You will learn how to develop an efficient service management strategy focused on effective asset management, data center automation, and management consolidation. You will also receive an action plan for each focus area, providing a checklist of must-do's to execute on your service management strategy.

The Executive Guide to Service Management in an Uncertain Economy | Realtime Nexus

What’s Microsoft’s next billion-dollar business? (Hint: it’s not search) | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com


At Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) last week, company officials shared a few tidbits about one of those businesses: Microsoft System Center. System Center encompasses a variety of system-management tools that Microsoft sells to IT professionals who want to manage their Windows — and Linux/Unix — clients, servers, hypervisors and more.

CEO Steve Ballmer told Wall Street analysts that System Center already has passed the billion-dollar mark. It’s growing at a rate of 30 percent year-over-year, according to Microsoft officials.

What's Microsoft's next billion-dollar business? (Hint: it's not search) | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com

The truth of the rumored Microsoft layoff should soon be revealed | NetworkWorld.com Community


Will Microsoft nix thousands of jobs in January or won't it? If it does, will this be called a layoff, or will it be named some sort of euphemism? The Wall Street Journal has set the rumor mill wildly spinning again today with yet more reports that a large-scale job reduction will soon materialize. Most expect that this will occur next week to appease increasingly frustrated investors around the time that Microsoft reports its next quarterly results to analysts, scheduled for January 22. Wall Street is currently expecting Microsoft to report revenue growth of around 5%, according to the WSJ.

Rumors of possible layoffs at Microsoft have been circulating for weeks, with the oft cited number of 15,000 as the speculative target. One analyst actually went so far as to recommend that Microsoft take the plunge and ditch 10% of its workforce, which would be about 9,000 jobs. But others — including some inside Microsoft — note that Microsoft doesn't have to institute a large-scale layoff in order to trim its workforce. It can, for instance, shed contract workers and use attrition — leaving vacant jobs unfilled.

According to a story from Computerworld, Microsoft already uses "rolling layoffs." The story quotes Rob Helm, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft as saying,

"'The company always has a rolling layoff and that may accelerate.' Microsoft tends to regularly reorganize its operational divisions and working teams, Helm continued, with the idea that the lowest-rated workers in the company's review system are then shoved out the door. 'When the company reorganizes, some people don't have chairs when the music stops,' said Helm. 'We may see some more of that activity.'"

According to a story in Network World, the process of the non-layoff workforce reduction has already begun.

The truth of the rumored Microsoft layoff should soon be revealed | NetworkWorld.com Community

Argent: Here’s a unique way to start a marketing newsletter – by slamming your competitors (HP, BMC, and Microsoft)…

What if myITforum.com started doing this?  How many community web sites would be up in arms?

Argent ProNews – Slash Your Costs With Argent

September 2008: Hewlett Packard Announces Lay Off of 25,000

December 2008:  BMC Announces Lay Off of 350

December 2008:  Argent Expands New York City Office

Companies and government agencies rely on Argent to replace ponderous and expensive products.

In this deepening recession and with fewer staff, low maintenance but highly effective products are essential – you cannot tolerate the old inefficiencies.

And instead of paying millions in maintenance fees, people are expanding their services while slashing their costs with Argent.

Is OpenView too expensive for you? Replace it in under five days with Argent.

BMC Patrol not performing? Replace it in under five days with Argent.

How many production servers does Unicenter really monitor? Replace it in under five days with Argent.

Microsoft SCOM a typical Microsoft product? Upgrade to Argent in under two days.

In December, Argent expects record new business sales across all regions, apart from the UK – record sales in Asia; record sales in the Americas; record sales in Australia.

And a large percentage of this new business is replacing OpenView, BMC Patrol, Unicenter, and SCOM.

BDNA Acquires PS’Soft Inc


On December 2nd BDNA acquired PS’Soft to round out their product offering and follow the industry trend to house a full IT IT Asset and Service Management life-cycle solution within a single vendor offering.  We’re reporting this now as we’ve not seen it anywhere else to date.  BDNA has for some time had a comprehensive offering in the network and desktop discovery arena with their flagship product Insight.  In March 2008 BDNA partnered with Provance Software, a strong contender in the IT Asset Management space, to offer clients of both companies a more holistic solution set through their partnership.  ECPweb’s 2008 Annual Review of IT Asset and Software Management tools is a comprehensive review and report on the industry.  In that report ECPweb gave PS’Soft a lead compared to Provance in every category.  Was this the determining factor that made BDNA take a strong notice in PS’Soft and resulted in the acquisition?  One can only speculated in the absence of any press releases from BDNA or PS’Soft.   

BDNA Acquires PS’Soft Inc

ScriptLogic’s Desktop Authority Product Line Enhanced for Desktop Lifecycle Management from Beginning to End


ScriptLogic’s Desktop Authority Product Line Enhanced for Desktop Lifecycle Management from Beginning to End
Wednesday, December 17, 2008 – myITforum.com



BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ScriptLogic® Corporation (www.scriptlogic.com), a leading provider of systems lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft® Windows®-based networks, today announced the availability of Desktop Authority® Image Center™ 3.0, a desktop and server provisioning solution. Desktop Authority Image Center, an essential part of the Desktop Authority family of products, reduces the cost and time required to provision and re-deploy desktops and servers by offering simple, centralized control of capture, customization and deployment of disk images.

“With one third of PCs either replaced or re-deployed each year, IT administrators need a solution to ease initial deployment as well as completely wipe the PC clean of sensitive data before disposal,” said Jon Rolls, Vice President, Product Management, ScriptLogic. “ScriptLogic continues to enhance Desktop Authority Image Center and other management products to lower the total cost of ownership of Windows desktops throughout the enterprise.”

Desktop Authority Image Center enables rapid deployment of PCs with corporate standard operating systems, patches, service packs and applications. Version 3.0 includes centralized disk erase functionality, making it easy for IT administrators to centrally wipe the contents of hard disk images on remote computers using specifications outlined by a number of bodies, including the U.S. Department of Defense. As a result, IT administrators are ensured that they have a clean PC, free of sensitive data, for re-deployment or secure disposal.

Version 3.0 introduces extensive Wake-on-LAN functionality, featuring scheduled and on-demand imaging operations for computers whether they are powered on or off. This is ideal in IT environments, such as classrooms and training labs, where computers need to be regularly wiped clean as a whole and restored to a baseline. Desktop Authority Image Center also allows on-demand reboot of remote computers into imaging mode, eliminating the need for user or administrator initiation of the imaging process, and now brings support for Windows Server 2008.

Desktop Authority Image Center is part of ScriptLogic’s Desktop Authority product line, multiple products which work together for comprehensive desktop lifecycle management. ScriptLogic’s flagship product, Desktop Authority, provides granular configuration and control for the ongoing management of user’s PCs, including power management to reduce energy costs and report on hardware and software inventory, and options for patch management, spyware removal and USB port lockdown. In addition, ScriptLogic’s MSI Studio integrates with Desktop Authority to create and edit Windows Installer (MSI) packages for trouble-free application installs on desktops.

Pricing and Availability

Desktop Authority Image Center is currently available and is priced on a per-server and per-desktop basis with volume discounts available through ScriptLogic’s global network of reseller partners. A free 30-day evaluation of Desktop Authority Image Center and other products within the Desktop Authority family is available at www.scriptlogic.com.

About ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Software (Nasdaq: QSFT), is a recognized leader in Microsoft Windows systems and security management. Empowering more than 24,000 customers worldwide with the ability to manage the desktop lifecycle, streamline Active Directory management, secure and protect Windows servers, and ease the burden for help desk administrators, ScriptLogic’s award winning solution families can benefit small to enterprise-size organizations in any industry.

For more information on how you can capitalize on your existing IT investments for Desktop Management, Active Directory Management, Help Desk Incident Management, Windows Server Management and Exchange Management, please contact us. ScriptLogic is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with offices around the world. You can also reach ScriptLogic at (561) 886-2400 or on the Web at http://www.scriptlogic.com.

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