Take a gander – the MMS 2008 DVD set is safely in my hands

The MMS 2008 DVD set was sitting in my mailbox today.  As the saying goes: “if there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen” so here’s my pictures:

Outside Front Cover Outside Back Cover

Check it out…someone actually got the myITforum.com spelling correct (i.e., capital “IT” and everything else lower-case)…

myITforum.com Address

Inside Open Inside Open with DVDs

DVD 1 of 2 DVD 2 of 2

Sadly, the MMS 2008 DVD package image is still not updated on the MS Store (though you can still order it sight-unseen).  Maybe, I should send them my photos to use.  🙂



The MMS 2008 DVDs are on their way!

Dear MMS 2008 Attendee,

This e-mail serves as confirmation that your MMS 2008 DVD set has been shipped and you should be receiving it within 1-2 weeks (International locations may take longer).  The DVD set has been sent via the U.S. Postal Service to the address included with your registration information.  

If you do not receive your DVD set within the specified time, please e-mail MMS2008DVD@paragongroup.com for further assistance.

For more information about the MMS 2008 DVD set, including how you can order additional copies, please access http://mms-2008.com

Thanks again for your participation in MMS 2008!



Sadly, the MS Store image hasn’t been updated yet…



MMS 2008 Fun Facts

Registration by the numbers

  • 22,500: The number of miles roundtrip 6 attendees flew to be at MMS 2008
  • 1,309: The number of attendees who have previously attended an MMS
  • 1,100: The number of attendees checked in within the first hour of registration opening
  • 61: The number of countries represented
  • 50: The number of US states represented
  • 6: The number of US states with representation in the triple digits – CA, CO, IL, MA, TX, WA
  • Top countries other than the US with the highest representation:  Denmark, Canada, Sweden

Session Content

  • 126 breakouts, 11 BOF sessions, 71 ILL lab sessions and 56 different self-paced lab topics
  • The total disk space of all the hands-on labs disk images was 532Gb
  • A total of 55,481 session bookings were received on CommNet
  • The Cross-platform keynote demo included 110Gb of VHD files: 1 physical Solaris box and 7 virtual machines
  • The Cross-platform keynote demo was repeated the same day at an Interop keynote, and the following day in Seattle


Get ready for MMS 2009!


Despite a few hiccups, MMS 2008 DVDs should ship soon

Hiccups along the way has delayed the DVDs (now a 2-disc set) somewhat.  The DVDs are being duped now and are expected to begin shipping Wednesday or Thursday of next week (July 16th or 17th).  An email will be sent to registrants when the DVDs have shipped so the registrants will know to expect them.

The DVD will be available via eCompanyStore as well. eCompanyStore will be receiving their stock around the same time as the attendees so DVDs should be available a short time afterwards.  The following site should be updated soon with a picture of the DVD.


Call for one more MMS 2008 SWAG bag

Right after MMS 2008 we started the MMS SWAG Bag Matchmakers service.  This worked out pretty well, with a bunch of SWAG bags finding new, loving homes.  I received a note from someone today who is looking for one.

If you have an extra, or one you’re not using and wouldn’t mind giving it up for the cause, drop me an email, using the link on the blog.  It will be going to a good and deserving home – I promise!

Here’s mine, btw.  This bag has turned out to be the best one yet.

MMS 2008 Conference Bag

I used it extensively during Alex’s track season.  It was great for stowing away warm clothes and rain gear in the event the weather turned during a track meet (which it did quite frequently, I might add).

Now, with soccer in full swing, I’m sure I’ll be putting it to an even more rugged test for the next few months.