The 1E Product Video Tutorials

1E NightWatchman demonstration video (25:12)

NightWatchman is a proven and scalable power management solution which helps organizations to cut costs, save energy and reduce carbon emissions by powering down PCs across an entire network. This video provides an overview of NightWatchman, and includes a demonstration of its robust reporting, end-user experience, and central administration.


1E WakeUp demonstration video (30:11)

1E WakeUp is the first and best Wake-On-LAN solution for reducing the cost of software updating while increasing availability. This video provides an insight into the key features and client server architecture, integration and operation within SMS/ConfigMgr environments, and includes a demonstration of the Computer Health feature.


1E Nomad Enterprise demonstration video (26:45)

Nomad Enterprise is a compelling tool for the efficient distribution of OS releases, applications and updates to remote server-less branch offices and to bandwidth-challenged environments. This video provides an overview of the family of software products, a review of the Nomad Enterprise architecture and integration with SMS/ConfigMgr, and demonstrates an actual software distribution.

EminentWare has two WSUS webinars coming up…

EminentWare's WSUS Extension Pack helps organizations enhance their WSUS experience through advanced reporting, discovery and operational management across desktops, laptops and servers throughout the enterprise.

The Topics that will be presented in this Webinar include:

  • Produce out-of-the box Reports including updates, missing patches and services or quickly create your own
  • Repairing the Windows Update Agent without writing scripts
  • Force real-time Download and Install of Updates from the Update Server
  • Using EminentWare's advanced shutdown, Reboot and Wake-on-LAN capabilities
  • Discover Domains, Workgroups and TCP/IP connected Devices and Services
  • Granular Approval Delegation of the Update management process
  • Identify Rogue machines on the network
  • Enable 3rd Party Update


July 16th:

July 17th:

Yet another new Microsoft video web spot

How many different sites does Microsoft have dedicated to video right now?   Just off the top of my head I can count six, and I’m sure I’m missing some.

Will this new one pan out?  Or, can Microsoft use this site to centralize them all?

BTW: Depending on which category interests you, it looks like each section has its own RSS feed.

For example, here’s the feed for IT Pros:

You can also get an RSS feed based on your search and those videos that fall under a specific tag.  For example, here’s the feed for System Center videos: center

Of course, this site is in beta—there’s only 3 videos tagged for System Center. TV has 62 tagged with System Center.

System Center page 

RSS Feed

And, 139 total that are related to System Center.

For those not familiar with the wildly popular TV, check it out: