Microsoft Outlook 2010 : Issue with message sizes in Outlook 2010 Beta and "message clipped" in GMail and BBerry, etc.


Hello Outlook 2010 Beta users!

We have heard from some of you that you are running into an issue with large e-mail message sizes in the Outlook 2010 Beta. We want to update you on the status of this issue. There is a known bug in the Outlook 2010 Beta where the usage of number and bullet lists causes redundant CSS definitions to be included in each outgoing message.  The outgoing message might not display correctly in a mail service where there is a limit to message size, such as Gmail, BlackBerry e-mail, or Craigslist.

Restarting Outlook removes all the extra CSS for new outgoing messages, although you might see remnants of this bug when responding to a message that was already inflated.

If you use number and bullet lists, close Outlook at the end of each day, and your new outgoing messages will return to their normal size. This bug has been fixed in later Outlook 2010 builds.

We hope you are enjoying the Beta!

Jenny Liu
Outlook Program Manager

Microsoft Outlook 2010 : Issue with message sizes in Outlook 2010 Beta

Ian Palangio’s Business Productivity : Email, Task and Time Management with PIFEM


PIFEM uses the out of the box Outlook 2007 features of flagging and categories to manage emails that you don't want to action/complete immediately.  Once you date/time flag an item it is no longer clogging up your brain with secondary thoughts.  If you manage it well… you can eliminate a lot of distractions from email, and focus on your highest priority items with laser focus.

Ian Palangio's Business Productivity : Email, Task and Time Management with PIFEM

Outlook 2007 SP2 will force Outlook to “shutdown”

I’ve been waiting for this feature (as I’m sure most have) since Outlook was introduced.  When you shut down Outlook, it never really shuts down – or takes a long, long time to do so.  The Outlook.exe process just sits and eats memory for eons, it seems.

SP2 for Outlook 2007 will finally fix this (fingers crossed).

New beta for the MS Outlook to Live/Hotmail connection

With Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages, contacts and calendars for free!
Outlook Connector enables you to use your Live Hotmail accounts within Outlook:

  • Read and send your Office Live Mail/Windows Live Hotmail e-mail messages.
  • Manage your contacts in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Use advanced options for blocking junk e-mail messages.
  • Manage multiple e-mail accounts in one place.
  • Manage, and synchronize multiple calendars, including shared calendars to Windows Live Calendar from Outlook.

Adding a web slice adds a new RSS feed in MS Outlook

Hmmm…this I didn’t expect.  When you add a web slice to IE8, it also adds a new feed to MS Outlook (if you are using Outlook to read RSS feeds).

It also appears (and, I’m double-checking this) that installing IE8 also changes the update frequency of your feeds in Outlook.  If so, that’s not good.

Can anyone else confirm this?