RSS Feeds Updated

There’s a lot of activity for in the background.  We’re making some long needed changes and as we are progressing, there will be minor adjustments to things that you’ll need to be aware of to continue to receive all of the great information that is developed and passed along from the site.

A couple of RSS Feeds have been updated on the site.  If you are currently grabbing a couple older feeds for Articles and Downloads, you’ll want to update your RSS Feed references with the following updates.

New Articles feed:

New Downloads feed:


As always, you can find our RSS Feed links on the following reference page:

Added a new RSS feed to the RSS Feed Listings provides the ability for both those seeking employment and those seeking employees to post freely on the web site.  We feel this is never something that we should charge for like some sites.  Through this feature we have successfully connected hundreds of employees with employers.

When a job listing or job request is posted it becomes available in our RSS streams, so folks can see immediately open jobs and available candidates.

Here’s the RSS Feed: Job Postings and Requests

And, in the event you don’t have access to a RSS reader, but have access to email, we also have a jobs discussion and announcement email list.  You can subscribe using this link:

And, if you want to grab any of our popular feeds, you can do that here:

Adding a web slice adds a new RSS feed in MS Outlook

Hmmm…this I didn’t expect.  When you add a web slice to IE8, it also adds a new feed to MS Outlook (if you are using Outlook to read RSS feeds).

It also appears (and, I’m double-checking this) that installing IE8 also changes the update frequency of your feeds in Outlook.  If so, that’s not good.

Can anyone else confirm this?