releases free Community Repackager utility


Version: 1.0 (Alpha)
Released: 9/11/2008

The AppDeploy Repackager is a simple freeware snapshot tool for the creation of Windows Installer (MSI) setup packages. Unlike other tools that try to take on the whole drag and drop creation of MSI setups (development tools), the AppDeploy Repackager is simply a snapshot tool that results in a sharable project file which may be used to generate an MSI setup with the click of a button.

Developed with sharing in mind, the AppDeploy Repackager utilizes a unique project file format designed to be safely shared with others in the AppDeploy community. It's XML based file structure contains no identifiable information such as license or company information.  Plans are underway for a user portal that will support the sharing of files along with community ratings and comments for each.

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For those looking for and wondering if the site has simply disappeared – The folks at are working through some technical issues today.

Considering that the KBOX is somehow tied into the web site, I suspect this is a critical matter and will be resolved very soon.