Restarting a file transfer using Microsoft File Transfer Manager

Say you were downloading Windows 7 from MSDN or TechNet and the download was taking forever, and you ended up shutting down your computer before Windows 7 was completely downloaded.  How do you get the Win7 download to start back up from where it left off?

Microsoft File Transfer Manager installs itself to:

%SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files

So, in my case it is:  C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files

Locate TransferMgr.exe and run it.  Your Windows 7 download should start where it left off.

Nexus SC: The System Center Team Blog : Brad Anderson promoted to Corporate Vice President of Management and Services Division


In a bit of a break from our normal System Center topics, today we thought we’d share the exciting news that earlier today it was announced within Microsoft that Brad Anderson has been promoted to corporate vice president, Management and Services Division (MSD).  We know that many of you know Brad through videos and posts on the System Center blog or interaction with him at events such as the annual Microsoft Management Summit conference and have come to appreciate his knowledge of the IT management space and customer environments.

Nexus SC: The System Center Team Blog : Brad Anderson promoted to Corporate Vice President of Management and Services Division

Vista main culprit in Microsoft layoffs | InfoWorld | News | 2009-01-22 | By Tom Sullivan, InfoWorld


Windows Vista has been trouble for Microsoft perhaps since the operating system's beginning. And this last quarter was certainly no exception. Despite a dip in client software revenue, however, one analyst says the workforce reduction Microsoft detailed on Thursday is healthy — at least from enterprise IT shops' perspective.

Vista main culprit in Microsoft layoffs | InfoWorld | News | 2009-01-22 | By Tom Sullivan, InfoWorld

The truth of the rumored Microsoft layoff should soon be revealed | Community


Will Microsoft nix thousands of jobs in January or won't it? If it does, will this be called a layoff, or will it be named some sort of euphemism? The Wall Street Journal has set the rumor mill wildly spinning again today with yet more reports that a large-scale job reduction will soon materialize. Most expect that this will occur next week to appease increasingly frustrated investors around the time that Microsoft reports its next quarterly results to analysts, scheduled for January 22. Wall Street is currently expecting Microsoft to report revenue growth of around 5%, according to the WSJ.

Rumors of possible layoffs at Microsoft have been circulating for weeks, with the oft cited number of 15,000 as the speculative target. One analyst actually went so far as to recommend that Microsoft take the plunge and ditch 10% of its workforce, which would be about 9,000 jobs. But others — including some inside Microsoft — note that Microsoft doesn't have to institute a large-scale layoff in order to trim its workforce. It can, for instance, shed contract workers and use attrition — leaving vacant jobs unfilled.

According to a story from Computerworld, Microsoft already uses "rolling layoffs." The story quotes Rob Helm, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft as saying,

"'The company always has a rolling layoff and that may accelerate.' Microsoft tends to regularly reorganize its operational divisions and working teams, Helm continued, with the idea that the lowest-rated workers in the company's review system are then shoved out the door. 'When the company reorganizes, some people don't have chairs when the music stops,' said Helm. 'We may see some more of that activity.'"

According to a story in Network World, the process of the non-layoff workforce reduction has already begun.

The truth of the rumored Microsoft layoff should soon be revealed | Community

Fudzilla – Microsoft getting ready to lay off 17% of staff


Worldwide cutbacks

The rumor that Microsoft was set to lay off people on January 15th, 2009 is no longer a rumor but a fact. Staff at Microsoft have been informed that the company is readying major layoffs to its worldwide operations and it's not a small cut, either.
Currently Microsoft employs about 90,000 people across the world and from what we're hearing, some 15,000 of those are expected to be giving marching orders come January 15th. That's almost 17 percent of Microsoft's total work force, not exactly a small number.
So far, we haven't managed to confirm what departments or regions will be hit the worst, but we're hearing that MSN might be carrying the brunt of the layoffs. We're also hearing rumors about the possibility of somewhat larger staff cuts at Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
It's unlikely that Microsoft will be laying off a lot of people in departments and regions that are doing well, and considering the recent upturn in console sales, we have a feeling that at least most of the people working in the Xbox 360 departments will be pretty safe.
The layoffs will take place a week before Microsoft's Q2 earnings report, which takes place on the 22nd of January 2009, and it doesn't seem like the date set for the layoffs is coincidental. We'll bring you more on this subject as it unfolds.

Fudzilla – Microsoft getting ready to lay off 17% of staff

Full of I.T. : IT Managers – This hub’s for YOU!


IT Managers – This hub’s for YOU!

Breaking News: The IT Manager Community Hub is LIVE!

Build business and careers on Microsoft based platforms.

Spread the word!

For several months now, I’ve been working with people in the Microsoft BMO on this project, which started because of a recognition that IT Managers – people who lead IT people and run IT organizations – haven’t been served as well as they could be from Microsoft. 

We’ve heard you loud and clear!

If you’re an IT Manager, or even if you’re simply looking for a good starting place for answers to questions such as:

  • “How do I start this kind of a deployment?”
  • “I’ve heard that Microsoft has great ways to save money doing such-n-such.  How?”
  • “What are other IT organizations doing about XYZ…?”
  • “Am I the only one struggling with people-management issues?”

..then this hub is worth looking into, and returning to often.

We’ve pulled together relevant news and blog feeds.  We’ve got a launching pad for researching platform solutions for your organizations.  We help you with your licensing questions.  We’ve got some of the top minds in security at Microsoft providing the security perspective.  Newsletters, event news, training resources, support and consulting services… It’s all there!

Check it out and let me know what you think.  Is there something more you’d like to see? 

Participate.  This will become your community only if you find it useful.  And it can become MORE useful only if we get your feedback.

See you there!

Full of I.T. : IT Managers – This hub’s for YOU!

MN System Center User Group meeting November 19th

MN System Center User Group

This month we have another excellent opportunity as we have two presenters from Microsoft.  Geoff Choi will focus on App-V, formerly called Soft Grid, and talk about how this will revolutionize the way we currently deploy software.  Tim Benjamin will then focus on the integration of App-V in SCCM R2 and compare the different integration paths that we will all have to consider.  Do you use the App-V streaming capabilities in R2 or do you consider the full blown App-V Management Servers in your environment.  Microsoft has made great strides with App-V, so don't miss out on an opportunity to get up to speed quickly.


Please note that we are meeting on a Wednesday this month, 11/19.  We will be at the Microsoft Office in Bloomington.  Pizza and Beverages will be provided starting at 4:30 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. and typically ends no later than 7:30. 


Please use the link below to sign up for the event so we know how much pizza to order.