The 1E Product Video Tutorials

1E NightWatchman demonstration video (25:12)

NightWatchman is a proven and scalable power management solution which helps organizations to cut costs, save energy and reduce carbon emissions by powering down PCs across an entire network. This video provides an overview of NightWatchman, and includes a demonstration of its robust reporting, end-user experience, and central administration.


1E WakeUp demonstration video (30:11)

1E WakeUp is the first and best Wake-On-LAN solution for reducing the cost of software updating while increasing availability. This video provides an insight into the key features and client server architecture, integration and operation within SMS/ConfigMgr environments, and includes a demonstration of the Computer Health feature.


1E Nomad Enterprise demonstration video (26:45)

Nomad Enterprise is a compelling tool for the efficient distribution of OS releases, applications and updates to remote server-less branch offices and to bandwidth-challenged environments. This video provides an overview of the family of software products, a review of the Nomad Enterprise architecture and integration with SMS/ConfigMgr, and demonstrates an actual software distribution.