After recent SnagIt update, I can no longer paste images into Live Writer

Anyone else having this problem?  After the SnagIt update I mentioned, I can not longer just copy/paste from SnagIt into a Live Writer blog window.  I have to manually click Insert-Picture on the file menu.

Strange.  Must be a setting around here somewhere that was changed during the update.


Update:  Turns out its the plug-in for Windows Live Writer that’s the problem.  It doesn’t work with the new version of SnagIt.  I’m off to try a couple others.


Some Windows Live Writer plug-in is giving me fits today

Last night I added a couple additional plug-ins for Windows Live Writer that I thought sounded useful.  Today, while keeping Windows Live Writer open, like I do, I periodically receive the following error message:


I guess I’ll have to uninstall the plug-ins and then reinstall them one-by-one until I figure out which one is giving me problems.