The Olympics have started!  I have been really excited about this year’s Olympics since it is being held in Beijing.

I’ll be throwing out some Chinese info here and there as I watch the Olympics and remember some cool tidbits based on what I’m watching.

Jiayou – <pronounced: ji-yo> this is a word you’ll hear a lot during the Beijing Olympics.  In essence, its the phrase the Chinese use to spur their team on.  It’s much like Americans saying, “Let’s Go!”  In reality, it means pour some oil on the fire, i.e., feed the fire to make it blaze higher and hotter.

Active Directory, SQL Server, Sharepoint, and OpsMgr 2007 at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

This could turn out to be a good blog to watch during the Olympics.  Chris Ransom is representing Microsoft at the Beijing Olympics, supporting several of the technologies in place for the big event.

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New Shaolin temple store underestimates it’s popularity?

The Shaolin monks in Deng Feng, China unveiled a very Westernized web site today, marking a growing desire in China to monetize all things Chinese.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Shaolin monks weren’t prepared for the news coverage.  A lot of the images on the site have this warning in their place:


Hopefully, someone will buy something from the site so the Shaolin temple can upgrade their Photobucket service.

BTW: The new market site is in all Chinese.  I guess they also underestimated where the site would be most popular. 

Funky on the outside, royal on the inside

That’s how to describe the Beijing Olympic basketball stadium.

Take a look.

Outside, it looks like a cubed haystack, with 3 floors underground and 4 floors above ground…



image  image

I don’t know about you, but I’d like watch a game there.