Turning off automatic Phishing in IE makes IE just as fast as Firefox 3.0

This is interesting.  If I turn off the option to automatically check web sites for Phishing, IE7 is just as fast as Firefox 3.0.

So, how does Firefox 3.0 do Phishing checking quicker than IE?  Or does it do it at all anymore?

I’ll have to check into that.

Of course, turning off the Phishing filter in IE, gives Vista security fits.


In Microsoft’s IE Privacy Statement it says…

“Automatic checking of all websites by Phishing Filter is off by default.”

That’s not true.  I never explicitly turned on the Phishing Filter.  It was set to automatic by default for me.

Firefox 3.0 even blows Opera 9.5 away

For speed, Firefox 3.0 appears to be the fastest browser on my computer right now.  I loaded the latest version of Opera to test it against Firefox 3.0, and Firefox 3.0 won!

Opera wins on layout appeal.  Tabs work the way they should straight on install instead of having to find an add-on or extension.  Opera crashes on our Stats software, though – just like Firefox does.

Firefox 3.0 opens an extra instance of Outlook for RSS feed management

I chose to allow Firefox to add a new RSS feed for me.  I use Outlook to gather and read RSS feeds because I spend the majority of my day in Outlook.  However, when telling Firefox 3.0 to use Outlook to add the RSS feed, it doesn’t seem smart enough to know that an instance of Outlook is already running, and opens up a new, separate instance of Outlook to add the feed.

Crazy app.

Fast browser.  Very secure.  Lots of weird quirks.

Firefox 3.0 crashes on our Stats software…

We run 2 different stat applications on myITforum.com to verify numbers back-and-forth.  When I access the Urchin stats, Firefox crashes every time.  Interestingly, its only when I allow Firefox to render in IE.

Further investigation shows that the problem is the Adobe SVG plug-in for IE trying to run in Firefox.

Looks like Adobe is dumping support for the product anyway.  From Adobe’s site:

Please note that Adobe has announced that it will discontinue support for Adobe SVG Viewer on January 1, 2009.

I can’t find a Firefox add-on or extension for Adobe SVG on the Firefox site.  If you know of one that resides elsewhere, let me know.