System Center poll: Are you attending MMS 2010?

We’re getting closer to the dates of the best conference on systems management available, the Microsoft Management Summit 2010.  Are you still working to get approval?  Are you approved already and can’t wait to get there?

Let us know by participating in the latest MMS 2010 poll:

Are you attending MMS 2010? 


P.S. We’re working on communications about the annual party at MMS.  Keep an eye out for it.  Also, there will be a long awaited announcement at MMS 2010 from  Get ready!

Be a System Center Reporter!

Built into our new article system, we’ve implemented a cool, new feature where *anyone* can submit news, links, insider information (anonymous, if you want) and just general news that the System Center community should know about.

As a columnist, the new article system requires a columnist login, but the “reporter” submission system doesn’t.  You’ll start to see the new link across the site so it’s easy to submit something quickly and easily.  Anything posted is reviewed first, but once it has been authorized for publishing it’ll hit our front pages, RSS streams, Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc. – and all attributed to you.


Give it a whirl using this link:

Have an industry insider tip or news? Submit it here!


Here’s what it looks like (click the image for a larger view):


User Premier Support contract hours to pay for MMS 2010

Yes, its true.  You can convert your PSS contract hours into attendance to MMS 2010.   If you want to pursue this option to attend MMS 2010, contact your SSR or TAM and request it.  If your SSR or TAM has no idea what you are talking about, have them contact the MMS 2010 folks at for guidance on how to set it up internally.

The conversion rate

8 hours of Premier Support time = MMS 2010 registration


**Note: This only covers registration – you still have to pay for your flight, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses (Dinner, etc.).

How can I give back to the community that has given me so much?

Ways to Help! – Sharing Knowledge.

Embrace your "inner author" to help teach others is Powered by You and depends on you to give your time, experience, and knowledge through the web-based forums and email discussion lists, by writing articles as a columnist, by participating in the Wiki, and by becoming a blogger. As you participate in these ways, you help to continue building the reputation, keep the community growing, while also increasing your own professional reputation, skills, and knowledge.

Some of you may be in your specific job because of, and some of you may not have been able to perform your job without Some of you may have tried other communities and felt like you simply didn't belong there. offers as many ways as possible to ensure success in your professional life. has contributed more members to the Microsoft MVP program than any other organization. Please consider giving back to the community that has given so much to you.


Want your own blog?  Just email us: 

(blog setup is done in minutes)

Ways to Help! – Going Shopping.

Help your fellow geeks and help

Everyone loves to buy new stuff. Especially when we don't have to leave our comfortable seats to do it! Online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread. So, whether you are after the latest books on SMS or Microsoft Operations Manager, or just looking for a warm winter coat… You can find what your heart desires and help at the same time by using the referral links in our store.

Pass this link on to all your friends, and be sure to use it whenever you shop:

It doesn't cost you any extra cash to use the links. So, have fun shopping and know that you are helping in the process.

Thanks in advance!

myITforum Wiki service updated today – 12-5-2009

We’ve updated the Wiki service today, moving from 2.x to 3.x.  With the major update there are a horde of new features that have been added, keeping the Wiki service as the best out there for System Center-related technologies.

Check out the Wiki:


And, take a look at the new features:


One of the coolest things about it is that it’s now fully WYSIWYG!

4 quick ways to connect with

At the top of the main web pages, you can now find quick link icons to connect with the System Center community in various social “settings”. 

We’ve added a quick icon for our ever-growing list of RSS feeds, but also to the areas on the popular social networks Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Yes, we have a presence in each of those social networks and have been maintaining those for a long, long while.  If you were at MMS 2009, you know the guff I received for being such a prolific Twitterer, but you can also select your social network of choice. 

Here’s how you’ll find the icons:

Grab our RSS feeds Follow us on Twitter Join our Facebook Group Connect with us on LinkedIn

Just in time for the holidays – the myITforum shopping portal…

Each year we roll out the fabled myITforum shopping portal graphic.  This year is no exception.  If you jump out to the main page of right now you’ll see the graphic at the top right. 


The majority of people shop at anyway, so we have partnered with to provide a click-through link straight to  But, the link does a bit more than just take you to, it also provides a special link for myITforum’ers so that any purchases you make at during the holidays generates a small percentage of revenue to help’s financial needs.

Financial needs?  Oh yeah.  Did you know that employs 3 people and the site also incurs a significant operating cost during the year for hosting, development, administration, etc.?  Everything to you on is free, and will always stay that way.  But, to keep the lights on we do have financial needs. started small way back when, but has blossomed into the defacto site for all things System Center and Systems Management.  The ever-growing amount of traffic is staggering.  If I showed you the stats you’d probably pass out and wonder how we’ve managed over the years.

So, just a simple icon on the site is a small way for you to give back – without giving back.  Just a simple click through our shopping portal costs you nothing, but provides a good deal of value to us if you use to make any holiday purchases.  It won’t keep the lights on, but it definitely helps.


Shop at and benefits!

P.S. Feel free to send the info to friends and family.