1E, a leading provider of Windows management software and services designed to reduce costs within the business environment, today announces that the US Department of Veterans Affairs has licensed PC Power Management software from 1E. The Department is currently deploying 220,000 seats of the Power and Patch Management Pack as part of its major Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager rollout. The deal will ensure costs savings throughout the organization and will also mean that the Department will be able to enjoy a reduction in its carbon footprint.


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AT&T develops their energy saving strategy around 1E software

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) today announced it is launching the NightWatchman® PC power management solution from 1E on 310,000 desktop computers across its domestic operations to help improve energy efficiency. Powering down corporate PCs during non-work hours is expected to save AT&T more than 135 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year and eliminate 123,941 tons of carbon dioxide emissions — equivalent to the electricity required to power 14,892 homes.

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PG&E’s response to rebates for KACE customers…

Based on yesterday’s post, here’s PG&E’s response:

Dear Rod,

Thank you for contacting us via our website.

Here is the link below of the rebates PG&E offers,

PG&E offers rebates on high efficient products that meet the set requirements. What is a KACE customer? Is this a rebate for a residential or commercial product? The rebates PG&E offers are all listed on the PG&E website, which is listed above.

Smarter Energy Services

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Gas and Electric company to offer rebates to customers of KACE products?

The press release says so, but I’m having a hard time finding related information on the PG&E web site to confirm.

Press release:

PG&E web site:


I sent an email to PG&E to try and get confirmation.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Here’s their response (I may have to call them directly)…

We have received your electronic message, and will try to get back to you within 1-2 business days if your message requests a response. If your message is regarding a hazardous situation, please contact us immediately at 1(800)743-5000 to speak to a customer service representative. Thank you for your interest.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Download the NightWatchman Console – BETA


Achieve 100% patch management success across your enterprise with the Power & Patch Management Pack.

1E WakeUp remotely turns on PCs for patch delivery
NightWatchman remotely powers down PCs ensuring patches are applied effectively

Key benefits:

Enables Power & Patch Management Pack to be deployed in any environment
Allows simple configuration of new NightWatchman 5.3 organization and location group hierarchies
Simple configuration and assignment of centralized power policies

Key features (in current BETA release):

Easy to use interface for manipulation of location and organizational grouping
Scheduled power on and shutdown, suspend or hibernate events
Creation and application of multiple power policies with inheritance and override control
Visibility of unmanaged PCs

Future features (coming in next full release):

Scaling to many hundreds of thousands of clients
Role based security
Interface to specify hardware power consumption data

Limitations of BETA release:

Maximum supported clients – 1,000
Only supported with NightWatchman 5.x or 1E WakeUp 5.5 with NightWatchman 5.x