Windows Live Search background just changed…

Right before my eyes…


Something new is coming?

A quick refresh of the page, and all is back to normal…



OK…yeah…one more refresh, and there really is something going on.  There are spots in the image that relate to Live Search destinations.  The one shown below jumps to a Live Maps destination.  There are others…


Try it for yourself:

Active Directory, SQL Server, Sharepoint, and OpsMgr 2007 at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

This could turn out to be a good blog to watch during the Olympics.  Chris Ransom is representing Microsoft at the Beijing Olympics, supporting several of the technologies in place for the big event.

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Do *you* Yahoo?

John posted an interesting table showing how the various parts of Yahoo rank.

I looked down the list and, frankly, the only service of Yahoo’s that I still use is Flickr

Once upon a time, I swore by Yahoo’s email service.  Loved it – until someone figured out a way to hack into it and Yahoo just threw up their hands and said “sorry about that”.  So, other than Flickr, Yahoo has simply become a once-run – a has-been – for me.

But, for me, the same holds true for Google services – though I suspect I’m a rare case.  The only Google service I still use is the email news alerts, which, yes, is still in beta though its been around for several years.

So do *you* Yahoo?  Which Yahoo services do you use?