Flash Player Catalog for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2

If you are using Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2, you can import the Adobe Flash Player Catalog with the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates.

1. Start the Microsoft Custom Updates Publishing Tool.

2. Click Settings.

3. Choose the Import List tab and click Add.

4. In the Choose Path field, enter the location of the Adobe Flash Player catalog:

5. In the Publisher field, enter "Adobe Systems, Inc."

6. In the Name field, enter "Adobe Flash Player Catalog."

7. Enter an optional description, if desired.

8. Click OK.

Assaulted by Adobe

On boot-up this morning  (before any other app had a chance to load, mind you), I was confronted with the following Adobe Flash message:


Stop taking over my computer, Adobe.  Your slow, unresponsive, horrible apps are stealing my joy.

Incidentally, I did do the update.  It took all of, maybe, 20 seconds.

Not using Adobe’s Flash makes web browsing a better experience

Adobe’s products take a big hit in the communities.  No one seems to like them, but instead are forced to use them.  Will Adobe take notice someday?  Or, has there been so much backlash that they have simply stopped listening to their customers.

Harry Waldron started a thread in the forums over the past couple days, talking to topics surrounding the recent decision by Adobe to force customers to upgrade to the just released version instead of Adobe fixing security problems with the older versions right away.

Today, Harry makes this statement:

My favorite security approach is to keep Flash disabled, as I've been doing for months now.  A few times I've had to toggle it on, (e.g.,. a legitimate need at a few sites and to test out releases of Adobe), but I always toggle it off immediately after I'm done.  I don't have Flash installed or active in my other browsers.

At work, keeping Flash disabled has actually improved my browsing experiences.

See what is coming next in the thread, and stop by to get your own comments known:


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Adobe Reader 9.0 includes it’s own Download “helper”

Now, what do I need this for?  Seems like Adobe hasn’t learned their lesson in including additional crapware with their products.  I opted out of the Google browser toolbar, like I always do, so why sneak something else onto my computer?  Makes me wonder what else they installed.


It’s called getPlus and it’s hanging my computer.  Plus, for some reasons two copies of it are running:


And, here’s two more things Adobe “Reader” is installing…


Don’t you love how Adobe decides that you want a Reader icon on your desktop?


Yep…it didn’t ask me my preference.

And, to top it all off, Adobe forced my computer to shutdown, leaving me with the following message when I rebooted…


Thanks, Adobe!