Out of Memory Error – Boot.ini 3GB Switch « The Realm of the Verbal Processor


Recently while working at a client I was installing the BITS 2.5 update for Server 2003 (as part of the prereqs for ConfigMgr), but when the server rebooted at the end of the update it essentially died. No more Remote Desktop connection…the server wasn’t even pingable. I didn’t have access to the client’s datacenter, so I was pretty much hamstrung until they could get me access to the console to look at the log files. Once I finally got to the server (booted into Safe Mode), the log files were chugging full of red

Out of Memory Error – Boot.ini 3GB Switch « The Realm of the Verbal Processor

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Windows Server 2008 is Microsoft’s first new server operating system in five years.  Some of its new features will change Windows administration as we know it.  Others may see a lot of hype in the market, but aren’t as compelling as they may seem. The Definitive Guide to Building Windows Server 2008 Infrastructure will assist you in learning the parts of Server 2008 that are important to building the best possible Windows backbone for your business.  You’ll learn about the features of Server 2008 that should be implemented as soon as possible.  At the same time, you’ll come away with an understanding of those where you might want to steer clear, or merely put on the back-burner for a little while.  

Whether you are interested in Server Manager, Active Directory, Storage Management, Server Core, Group Policy, Terminal Services, Security, or High Availability and Clustering, The Definitive Guide to Building Windows Server 2008 Infrastructure is your resource for understanding the value of Server 2008 and getting it implemented into your infrastructure in the best way possible.  This guide uses plain English and plenty of real-world examples to show you the steps necessary to get it up and running as well as the best ways to manage it over the long term.

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Update: All Level 5 Guides Open for "Limited Event" – Wednesday August 13, 2008

Sent From: Brian S. Tucker
Subject: All Level 5 Guides Open for "Limited Event" – Wednesday August 13, 2008

After speaking to the other Level 5 Guide owners, they have all agreed to open their guides during the times I specified in my post yesterday. Our "Open House" day is to let you experience some of the content that we have available. I don't know of any other site that charges any fee and opens the doors to all the videos for even 5 minutes. I encourage as many people as possible to join our Open House and experience a portion of each of the guides. Search out the videos you are interested in now so you know which ones to focus on during the hours the Level 5 section will be open to all registered users. If you are not a registered user, please register clicking on this link to join. Please use your real email address as we sometimes send out important messages related to the site.

You will have the ability to view as many of the 82 Level 5 videos as you can during the Open House. Below are the following topics that you can choose from:

System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Operations Manager (MVP)

Windows Server 2008

WSUS 3.0 SP1

SQL 2008 (MVP)

Word 2007 – Office Professional 2007

Note: We are always looking to hire independent contractors to make Level 5 videos! If you have a specialty we have not covered, please email me and we can discuss the requirements. By default, each guide owner gets 50% of each subscription…..

We are also pleased to announce that we have achieved another Microsoft Partner competency today for Security Solutions! We are moving at the speed of light and making our mark! Join the ride with us…..if only for a day on August 13th, 2008.

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Released

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 will be automatically downloaded to Windows Home Servers through Windows Update if Automatic Updates is enabled on your home server or you choose “Update Now…” from the Settings tab of your Windows Home Server Console. If you want to install Power Pack 1 before it is available on Windows Update, you can download this update package and then manually apply it.


ADMT 3.1 released and now available for download

The Active Directory Migration Tool version 3.1 (ADMT v3.1) simplifies the process of migrating objects and restructuring tasks in an Active Directory® Domain Service (AD DS) environment. You can use ADMT v3.1 to migrate users, groups, and computers between AD DS domains in different forests (inter-forest migration) or between AD DS domains in the same forest (intra-forest migration). ADMT can also perform security translation (to migrate local user profiles) when performing inter-forest migrations.