Ad Criminal: Flex Developer’s Journal

Here’s a no-no.   Flex Developer’s Journal follows both Web 2.0 Journal and SOA World Magazine with the already existing pop-up method of displaying ads.  I was looking to read an article on VMWare’s current market meltdown and had to click through the AJAXWorld advertisement.


BTW: You may notice that the Flex Developer’s Journal web site looks suspiciously similar to both Web 2.0 Journal and SOA World Magazine. 

After further research, SYS-CON, owns all of these properties, so it makes sense that they all look similar and employ the same kamikaze-type advertising technology.

So, just like the horrid ad technology that you see employed at networked sites like TechTarget, SYS-CON Media utilizes the same type of intrusive advertisements.

From the SYS-CON Media site:

SYS-CON Media, founded in 1994, is widely recognized in the Internet-technology and magazine publishing industries as the world's leading publisher of i-technology magazines, electronic newsletters, and accompanying i-technology breaking news, education and information Web portals. The company has further solidified its dominant role in the i-technology space with the 2001 launch of an events business, SYS-CON Events (trade shows, conferences, and education).

SYS-CON's well-known and highly respected magazines’Web portals include: AJAXWorld Magazine (; Java Developer's Journal (; .NET Developer's Journal (; Enterprise Open Source Magazine (; (; SOA World Magazine (; Wireless Business & Technology (; XML-Journal (; WebLogic Developer's Journal (; WebSphere Journal (; Flex Developer’s Journal (; ColdFusion Developer's Journal (; PowerBuilder Developer's Journal (; IT Solutions Guide (; Virtualization Journal (; Eclipse Developer's Journal (; Symbian Developer’s Journal (; Web Hosting Journal (; and Web 2.0 Journal (

Ad Criminal: SOA World Magazine

A visit to SOA World Magazine’s site today was anything but pleasant, as I was smacked head-on by TWO advertisements.

At position 1, this advertisement for Blackberry showed up prior to the page even loading.

And, at position 2, the new video Windows Server 2008 advertisement from Microsoft ran on it’s own, complete with SOUND.  And, not just any sound, but really LOUD sound.


Ad Criminal: Network World

I was off to read an article about Virtualization when I was accosted by a kamikaze ad about MySQL and Sun Microsystems.


Thanks, Network World!

Ad Criminal: Web 2.0 Journal

Web 2.0 Journal is employing the slide-across marketing method, outlining a conference and expo coming up.



All I wanted to do was read about WMWare’s recent woes, but now I have to click the window before I can read anything.


I’m starting a new category to keep track of web advertising criminals

I noted my frustrations the other day about web advertisements.  Web advertisements (banners, text ads, etc.) are unavoidable – the web has to make money, but then there are those certain web sites who employ kamikaze web services – popping up windows left-and-right, sliding advertisements across the screen, making you click through an advertisement before reading an article, etc.

So, this post is the placeholder for the new blog category to start keeping track.  I post this now because I have a couple to throw pretty quickly.  Stay tuned.