Rod Trent Interview – Part 2 « The Realm of the Verbal Processor


Okay…it has been entirely too long since I’ve posted…over two months. Life has been a little crazy, but I finally cleaned up the rest of the Rod Trent interview to prepare it for posting. Hope you enjoy it. Also…I expect to post the next interview within another week or so…it is with Tim Mintner of the Microsoft Deployment product team!

Rod Trent Interview – Part 2 « The Realm of the Verbal Processor

Promised at MMS 2009 : 1E releases Advanced Task Sequence Environment Tool

The TSEnv2.exe is a command line tool that lets administrators manipulate the Microsoft 2007 task sequence environment. It allows them to get, set, list and dump all variables within the OSD Task Sequence environment. This tool also allows changes to ‘read only’ variables that cannot be changed with the original TSEnv.exe which is included in the Configuration Manager 2007 OSD environment.

Darwin Sanoy’s Follow-up Session videos from MMS 2009

The attached videos contains the working version of my demonstration for Windows 7 Per-User Applications (MSI 5).  I have also posted the test package that allows you to reproduce the demos as well as do several other tests of Windows Installer 4 and 5 in your production environment.  The download includes a 30 page lab manual to step you through several of the capabilities of the test package.

Morehouse captures the Twitter twitches at MMS 2009

There was pretty good coverage of MMS 2009 from the Twitter perspective this year – MUCH better than last year.  Its still increasing, just as Twitter’s popularity is increasing. 

Dave grabs the stats and talks about the Twitter activity at MMS 2009.  Of course, *someone* has to set the example. 🙂

What is Twitter?

How do the MMS 2009 attendance numbers reflect the current economy – if at all?

Thinking about the economy, and seeing hints on blogs and in news articles about low MMS 2009 numbers, some folks have gone back in time and grabbed attendance numbers from previous years to help dispel any rumors or myths about low attendance for MMS 2009.

There were roughly 3,000 attendees at MMS 2009.  Keep this in mind as you look at the following numbers:

Attendance from previous MMS conferences was: (appx)

  • 2,400 in 2004
  • 2,600 in 2005
  • 3,000 in 2006
  • 3,200 in 2007
  • 4,000 in 2008


So, as you can see, 2008 was a huge number, but the average is around 3,000 attendees since 2004.  Based on this, MMS 2009 was not significantly lower than other years.  All-in-all, MMS 2009 was well attended.

MMS: A Serious Poll with a Serious Outcome

We've posted a poll that really needs your attention.  Every couple years you hear rumors about how Microsoft wants to merge the highly successful MMS into TechEd, pushing the System Center products you know and love into a sort of obscurity and potentially turning technical MMS sessions into watered-down and diluted version at TechEd.  Personally, I would hate to see this happen.  I know most of you feel that way, too.  MMS has turned into a MUST-attend event every year for those who manage their environments.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD through this new poll.  Take the poll, add your comments – all of them.  Tell us how you feel about the ideas represented there.  And, then, pass it along to someone you know who would also love for their own voice to count.  If you need to, take your time to put all your thoughts into words and just let us know how you feel.

Here's the link:


And, feel free to discuss this poll, it's implications, and your thoughts in the System Center community – you know, the centralized one at