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Is anyone interested and available for a 6-12 week SCCM / SCOM proof of concept project for a large multi-national company in the Midwest?

Need to have experience performing multiple SCCM and SCOM engagements to lead this consulting effort. . .

If so, please contact me asap for more details. Start date of 8/30.

Thanks everyone!

Melissa Holmes McMillan – Senior Technical Recruiter
LRS Consulting Services
9200 Indian Creek Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas, 66210
O: 913.339.9200 x2312 | M: 816.509.2673 | F: 217.726.2558 | Connect with me:

Work for 1E as a Senior Systems Management Consultant

Company Information

1E helps large organizations lower the cost of managing Microsoft Windows infrastructures through automation, simpler infrastructures and reducing the cost of energy consumption. 1E is a market leading software and services organization with over 1,100 customers, in 42 countries representing 15 million users across all industries including finance, government, retail, telecoms/IT. 1E is the market leader in providing solutions for Microsoft System Center and PC power management and has an outstanding, trusted reputation for delivering complex projects successfully in aggressive timescales and a proven track record of providing software solutions which reduce the cost of running Windows PCs and servers, through energy efficiency, remote automation and reduced infrastructure. 1E is a fun company, with exceptional people and a positive attitude to living life and making a difference.

The Role

Working for 1E Inc. with a headquarter office in New York, 1E is looking for an exceptional customer facing Senior Systems Management consultant who can deliver to high standards, located in the East Coast / New York area. The role involves travel throughout the US and potentially the UK. As well as delivering customer projects, this role includes working closely with our software development team to identify opportunities for new solutions and to provide input throughout the product development and release cycle.

Key responsibilities

· The delivery of engagements for ConfigMgr and 1E solutions to a high standard to a diverse customer base, including a number with 100,000+ clients.

· Scoping consulting engagements and preparing Statements of Work

· Working with the software development team to assist with specification of solutions, technical input around SMS/ConfigMgr, testing and writing papers on implementation best practice and optimization

· Assisting the Practice Lead on development of best practice and processes

· Learning to design and implement the 1E software solutions

· Keeping abreast of new developments in 1E solutions and ConfigMgr

· Technical research and preparation of technical papers and presentations

Required skills

· Deep technical knowledge of SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr.

· Knowledge of OSD, MDT App-V and 1E solutions beneficial.

· 5 years experience with Microsoft SMS, including design and implementation

· 6 months+ experience designing and implementing ConfigMgr

· Ability to capture customer requirements and translate these to a solution design

· Excellent communication skills, with at least 2 years experience in a consulting role

· Ability to produce technical documentation to a high standard

· Ability to conduct technical research and produce analysis documents

· Ability to present to small / medium sized audiences

The Candidate

A flexible, hard-working, disciplined and focused person that takes pride in their work and consistently delivers to a high standard. 1E Inc services customers throughout the US and the candidate must have a current passport, be prepared to travel and may be required to work on longer term projects throughout the US.

For more information on the role, please contact Dave Fuller at

Does your professional demeanor change in the current economy? – just some thoughts…

With lay-offs happening and more looming, and consulting gigs trashed due to the economic landscape of today, how do you promote yourself to stand out in a long line of folks who need jobs and projects?

Does the current economic landscape change how you act and react to customer requests and concerns?  Has the economy affected your professional attitude at all?

I’m sure it will shortly.  Those with horrible bedside manners will probably be the first to be affected.

I can sense a time coming shortly where we’ll have to potentially change our attitudes toward the job and projects.  Maybe, that’s already happening.  Folks are seeing lay-offs all around them and are already starting to dust-off and spiff-up the old resume – just in case.  Some continue to go on as normal without considering that attitudes and reactions could spell doom for their professional career.

Consider that it’s time for professional improvement.  What you could have brushed off casually in the past may be the deciding point of today.

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Top 20 countries in IT competitiveness – the world is catching up…

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Chart: Top 20 countries in IT competitiveness:









USA   74.6   1   1
Taiwan   69.2   2   6
UK   67.2   3   4
Sweden   66.0   4   7
Denmark   65.2   5   8
Canada   64.4   6   9
Australia   64.1   7   5
South Korea   64.1   8   3
Singapore   63.4   9   11
Netherlands   62.7   10   12
Switzerland   62.3   11   10
Japan   62.2   12   2
Finland   61.5   13   13
Norway   59.7   14   14
Ireland   59.4   15   15
Israel   56.7   16   20
New Zealand   56.6   17   17
Austria   56.1   18   19
Germany   55.4   19   16
France   54.3   20   18

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