Dell Win7 Driver cabs released!

The Dell Windows 7 driver cabs for currently shipping systems have been released!

The cabs allow for easy import into ConfigMgr or MDT – simplifying driver management of those Dell systems.

DellTechCenter link for the cabs:

You can also download the cabs from the site or from (for specific systems)

New Dell OMCI and ConfigMgr Integration Whitepaper – Donnie Taylor at


New Dell OMCI and ConfigMgr Integration Whitepaper

We are pleased to announce that a new Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation (OMCI) and ConfiMgr whitepaper – complete with MOF extensions – has been launched!  Nathan, one of our tech gurus in Product Group, has put together a great whitepaper that details and showcases how to integrate OMCI with ConfigMgr to get the best information out of your Dell hardware.  The whitepaper has a sample MOF, sample reports, and even instructions on how to use this data for making queries!

The whitepaper, and other OMCI information can be found here:

Also, be sure to check out the rest of the info in the Dell/ConfigMgr Techcenter:

New Dell OMCI and ConfigMgr Integration Whitepaper – Donnie Taylor at

Systems Management Server 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update Updated – 3.0 required to work with latest Dell catalog

SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Updates is an add-on to SMS 2003 that enables customers to use the SMS 2003 Software Update Management feature to update their Dell servers. Customers will be able to deploy BIOS, firmware, and driver updates to their Dell servers using the same process that they use for deploying security and other updates with SMS.
SMS 2003 Inventory Tool for Dell Update includes the following components:

  • Setup – Windows Installer based setup that allows SMS administrator to install all required components on the SMS site server.
  • Inventory Tool for Dell update (scan tool) – this tool is being built using SDK components provided by Dell Inc. It scans a Dell server for installed and missing updates, just like MBSA scans the computer for Microsoft security updates.
  • Sync tool for Dell update – this tool downloads a catalog from Dell’s website on a recurring schedule. This catalog describes all published Dell updates.
  • Update to Distribute Software Update Wizard (DSUW) – Setup will install an update to DSUW to show new UI that allows to manually import multiple component updates contained within a single system update.
  • Version 3.0 must be installed to work with the latest Dell catalog.

NVIDIA GPU Update for Dell Laptop Owners – Dell recommends flashing the system BIOS

The issue is a weak die/packaging material set, which may fail with GPU temperature fluctuations. If your GPU fails, you may see intermittent symptoms during early stages of failure that include:

  • Multiple images
  • Random characters on the screen
  • Lines on the screen
  • No video

Dell recommends that you flash your system BIOS (see links in the table below). Each of these BIOS updates listed in the table below modifies the fan profile to help regulate GPU temperature fluctuations. Note: if you are already experiencing video-related issues like the bullet points above, updating the BIOS will not correct them. Dell will provide support for customers who have experienced GPU failure according to the terms of the system warranty.


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