Availability of Service Manager Beta-2 (Update) – System Center Service Manager


The Service Manager team just announced the availability of Service Manager Beta-2 (Update)

This refresh is being made available to support the release of the Compliance and Risk Process Management Pack (click here to download). In addition to specific fixes to support this solution, a number of other issues have been addressed from the earlier Beta build:

· Allow Administrators to select which SCCM packages to display to end users in the self-service portal

· Enable import of CIs from custom Operations Manager 2007 objects

· Active Directory Connector wizard supports user accounts in another forest (included non-trusted)

· Provide view of workflow failures or timeouts and allow administrators to retry workflows if needed

· Fixed issue for workflow authoring – enable the use of parameter settings defined in an unsealed management pack

· Group memberships are now refreshed automatically

· Templates continue to work after list values are deleted

· Knowledge Categories can now be customized

· Fixed an issue where time worked was incorrectly calculated in the Incident Analyst report


To download, simply go to the Service Manager site on Connect www.connect.microsoft.com. Once you have successfully signed in, click the Downloads link, click Service Manager Beta-2 Update.

Have fun,

Alexandre Verkinderen

Availability of Service Manager Beta-2 (Update) – System Center Service Manager

“Doc My Project” – Call for auto-documentation application beta testers

How would you like to just click a mouse button and have your project documentation created for you on the fly?  Documenting a project can take longer than the actual project itself sometimes, and new company is trying to help minimize that process.

The company needs beta testers, and they have reached out to the System Center community to attract the best and brightest to help develop this new application. 

If you are interested in helping produce an application like this, drop me a personal note and we’ll get you on the path.  Send an email to rodtrent@myITforum.com and let me know that you are interested in participating.

In return, beta testers will have early access to libraries, discounts and other things.

Announcing the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 2 Technology Adoption Program

Microsoft is currently building the update to System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (ConfigMgr07) titled Service Pack 2. The ConfgMgr Technology Adoption Program (TAP) team is pleased to announce that we are now soliciting participation in the System Center Configuration Manager Service Pack 2 Product validation program.

What's New?
ConfigMgr07 SP2 will include new OS support along with improving on the Intel AMT integration.

New Operating System Support

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • Windows Vista SP2

(Intel) Active Management Technology Integration – Version 2

Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 2 will improve on the Intel AMT (iAMT) integration provided in Service Pack 1. SP2 will add full feature support for computers that have the Intel vPro chip set and iAMT firmware versions 4 & 5. In addition to providing feature parity with SP1 and iAMT firmware versions 3.2.1, 4.0 and 5.0, support for the below new features are being added:

OOB Wireless Management: Wireless Profile Management (mobile ONLY)

  • Provide configuration of up to eight (8) wireless profiles per site that are available to AMT clients assigned to that site
  • Set the wireless information during AMT provisioning and configure all required profile settings (SSID, key management, encryption, etc.)
  • Send wireless profile operations to the Intel translator on AMT systems with revisions earlier than 3.2.1

End Point Access Control: 802.1x support

  • Provision 802.1x settings on AMT wireless clients during AMT provisioning
  • Send 802.1x settings operations to the Intel translator on AMT systems with revisions earlier than 3.2.1

Persistent Data Storage: Non Volatile Memory or Third Party Data Store (3PDS)

  • Write string data into 3PDS on AMT through OOB management console

Access Monitor: Audit Log

  • Enable or Disable Audit Log (no critical event settings)
  • View Audit Log through OOB Console

Remote Power Management: Power State Configuration

  • Enable configuration of the power policy settings and include in provisioning settings when provisioning an AMT system
Program Description

This program is designed to provide collaboration with your company and Microsoft. The purpose is to validate through lab testing and the deployment of pre-release builds. Your company will have the opportunity to provide design and performance feedback for the product. You can do this through the reporting of bugs and submission of Design Change Requests (DCRs), as well as provide general feedback for product group consideration. This program will provide customers with support from the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager product group, as well as 24×7 support for production deployment issues. The program starts soon and finishes by the end of the calendar year 2009.

Program Requirements
All participants must:
  • Prior to program participation, have a signed TAP Agreement and System Center Configuration Manager SP2 Program Description on file with Microsoft. If you do not have a Master TAP Agreement with Microsoft currently, please work with your Technical Account Manager, Account TS, or other Microsoft representative to get one completed.
  • Commit to providing resources for the duration of the program
  • Commit to timely response of survey and feedback requests from Microsoft
  • Agree to participate in some form of public relations activities as identified in the TAP agreement and the System Center Configuration Manager SP2 Program description
  • Have a Microsoft Premier Support contract which includes a Microsoft Technical Account Manager resource
  • Provide a project plan for deployment
  • Deploy each milestone build of pre-release System Center Configuration Manager Sp2 into your production environment within 14 days of availability
  • Meet the following deployment goals:
    1. Beta – 500 or more clients installed and actively managed by the product
    2. RC – 2,000 or more clients installed and actively managed by the product.
Program Benefits
All participants receive:
  • The opportunity to shape this update to Configuration Manager 2007 through direct feedback to Microsoft
  • Regularly scheduled conference calls with a member of the System Center Configuration Manager Team. Discussions will include deployment planning, feedback, feature review presentations from members of the System Center Configuration Manager Product Group, and other customer driven topics
  • Production certified pre-release builds as well as exclusive access to interim lab-only builds of the product
  • Web-based bug reporting and priority bug resolution
  • Support and deployment guidance from the System Center Configuration Manager Product Group, as well as 24×7 support from Microsoft Beta Customer Support Services for production deployment issues
  • A dedicated Program Manager contact in the System Center Configuration Manager Product Group
  • A head start in the next deployment cycle, taking advantage of new and enhanced features available in System Center Configuration Manager SP2
  • Potential onsite visits by members of the Product Group in order to help with production deployment and feedback.

A short nomination survey is located here:

Full link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=EFslbxTQdA6OCgbp_2fg8iNQ_3d_3d

Participant Selection

The number of available slots in the program is limited. The selection is based on a broad set of criteria and not solely on a customer's commitment to fulfill program requirements.

Prioritization will be given to organizations that meet one or more of the following profiles:

  • Are currently in the Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 TAP, *and* have Configuration Manager 2007 deployed
  • Have participated in the Configuration Manager 2007 TAP and are significantly deployed with Configuration Manager in production
  • Have participated in previous SMS or Configuration Manager 2007 TAP and are significantly deployed with Configuration Manager in production
  • Have Intel AMT hardware deployed in production *and* have Configuration Manager 2007 deployed.
  • Are using Configuration Manager Operating System Deployment (OSD) and have a business need to deploy Windows 7 using OSD.
Program Timetable (all dates are estimates and subject to change)

February 2009

Initial Nomination period

Submission of System Center Configuration Manager SP2 Nomination Surveys by or on behalf of interested customers.

March 2009

Customers selected

Customers selected for the program are notified and given information regarding initial participation.

April / May 2009


Online information sessions and conference calls to get familiar with feature set and initiate planning

June 2009


Deployment in production environment. Product validation and feedback submitted.



More extensive deployment in production environment. Product validation and feedback submitted.

Win7 plus 90 days

Release to Manufacturing

Upgrade to released build and enterprise-wide deployment.

Please contact sccmtap@microsoft.com with any questions you may have regarding this communication or the nomination process.


The System Center Configuration Manager Technology Adoption Program team

Want to test IE8?

With Beta 2 close to releasing, Microsoft is expanding the beat program for IE8. 

If you wish to be a part of making IE better by contributing great bug reports then please email IESO@microsoft.com.  Include a little about yourself including why you’d be a great beta tester.