Work for 1E as a Senior Systems Management Consultant

Company Information

1E helps large organizations lower the cost of managing Microsoft Windows infrastructures through automation, simpler infrastructures and reducing the cost of energy consumption. 1E is a market leading software and services organization with over 1,100 customers, in 42 countries representing 15 million users across all industries including finance, government, retail, telecoms/IT. 1E is the market leader in providing solutions for Microsoft System Center and PC power management and has an outstanding, trusted reputation for delivering complex projects successfully in aggressive timescales and a proven track record of providing software solutions which reduce the cost of running Windows PCs and servers, through energy efficiency, remote automation and reduced infrastructure. 1E is a fun company, with exceptional people and a positive attitude to living life and making a difference.

The Role

Working for 1E Inc. with a headquarter office in New York, 1E is looking for an exceptional customer facing Senior Systems Management consultant who can deliver to high standards, located in the East Coast / New York area. The role involves travel throughout the US and potentially the UK. As well as delivering customer projects, this role includes working closely with our software development team to identify opportunities for new solutions and to provide input throughout the product development and release cycle.

Key responsibilities

· The delivery of engagements for ConfigMgr and 1E solutions to a high standard to a diverse customer base, including a number with 100,000+ clients.

· Scoping consulting engagements and preparing Statements of Work

· Working with the software development team to assist with specification of solutions, technical input around SMS/ConfigMgr, testing and writing papers on implementation best practice and optimization

· Assisting the Practice Lead on development of best practice and processes

· Learning to design and implement the 1E software solutions

· Keeping abreast of new developments in 1E solutions and ConfigMgr

· Technical research and preparation of technical papers and presentations

Required skills

· Deep technical knowledge of SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr.

· Knowledge of OSD, MDT App-V and 1E solutions beneficial.

· 5 years experience with Microsoft SMS, including design and implementation

· 6 months+ experience designing and implementing ConfigMgr

· Ability to capture customer requirements and translate these to a solution design

· Excellent communication skills, with at least 2 years experience in a consulting role

· Ability to produce technical documentation to a high standard

· Ability to conduct technical research and produce analysis documents

· Ability to present to small / medium sized audiences

The Candidate

A flexible, hard-working, disciplined and focused person that takes pride in their work and consistently delivers to a high standard. 1E Inc services customers throughout the US and the candidate must have a current passport, be prepared to travel and may be required to work on longer term projects throughout the US.

For more information on the role, please contact Dave Fuller at

Faronics reports rapid growth in power management, plans new functions – but 1E leads the pack

Analyst: Andy Lawrence
Date: 13 May 2009
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Event summary

· Privately held Faronics doesn't reveal exact revenue figures, but in 2008, sales of its desktop management product surged by more than 600%. It expects sales to double again in the next financial year. It has over half a million seats under management.

· Its technical roadmap includes support for a greater number and variety of power-use policies, graceful shut down of open documents, controlled spin down of hard disks and support for Intel VPro.

· Faronics revealed that more than half of its sales in the public sector, where it is strongest, are supported by utility energy-saving financial incentives. Buoyed by recent success, Faronics is considering increasing its prices.

The 451 take

Faronics continues to add a lot of features to its products – some to catch up, and some to give it an edge. With revenue growth like this, it is clearly a formidable player, although its total sales are some ways off the market leader, 1E. One question is whether Faronics should, or will, seek to capitalize on the surge in power management by attempting a higher-risk push into new markets where it has little presence – such as corporate desktops. Even if it stays in its niche, it should continue to thrive for the next several years, having established its brand and technology to ward off new entrants. High interest in its Power Save product is also helping with sales of its Deep Freeze systems management tools.


Faronics' Power Save is similar to rival products: a centrally located server can shut PCs down and wake them up according to a schedule or policy. An agent is installed on each PC to detect activity and control the local power settings. Power Save is unusual, in that it can detect CPU and disk activity as well as mouse and keyboard activity – and it runs on AppleMacs as well as Windows. Power Save is managed through Faronics' core console, which can also manage other products, such as its market-leading Deep Freeze (which restores each PC to a preset configuration on each reboot).

The new features planned for Power Save are mostly incremental. They include the ability to set multiple power policies (for example – more lenient during the day, more aggressive at night) and to specify how long a disk is inactive before spinning it down, the saving of open documents before shutdown, the application of power-saving policies to a user rather than a machine and the ability to specify different power settings for laptops. Power Save will also support Intel's VPro.

Regardless of Windows tools and management diktat, most PCs spend long hours using energy unnecessarily. When thousands of desktops are involved, the financial and CO2 savings can be substantial. Add the generous support from 28 utilities, and it is not surprising that sales are strong.

Faronics sells mostly to the public sector, an area that is surprisingly complex and involves large numbers. In order to attract more corporate business, Faronics is targeting CEOs, CFOs and COOs, as well as CIOs (who often don't see power bills). Low prices have helped sales, but with Power Save priced as much as $10 per seat below rivals, increases are possible.

Where does Power Save go next? Faronics is staying out of datacenter management, but sees an opportunity to control peripherals, such as power-hungry projectors and printers. However, most are not intelligent enough to be switched off and on centrally.

Competitive landscape

Given the lack of market numbers and sales data, it is difficult to accurately divide up the increasingly competitive market for power management. However, we believe that, in revenue terms, desktop power management is probably a $25-30m-a-year market, with 1E the leader in terms of seats and revenue, followed by BigFix and Verdiem coming in second and third. Faronics is also in that leading pack, and may, in fact, have larger numbers of customers – albeit with smaller desktop estates.

All the leading suppliers are reporting buoyant sales, with 1E announcing some huge corporate contracts and BigFix closing some big public-sector deals. Faronics' growth is the fastest, but from a lower base. Its revenue in this area is in the low millions of (Canadian) dollars.

There will be new entrants – Altiris, the Symantec systems management division, for example, has recently improved its technology. Avocent's LANDesk may also step up its efforts in this area. Lakeside Software offers an intriguing timer-based alternative.

What about Microsoft? It is possible to carry out basic desktop power management functions using a combination of SCCM (system center configuration manager) and the operating system (especially Vista). These tools will become more capable over time, but, so far, there is no sign Microsoft will compete head to head with companies that it considers partners.

Promised at MMS 2009 : 1E releases Advanced Task Sequence Environment Tool

The TSEnv2.exe is a command line tool that lets administrators manipulate the Microsoft 2007 task sequence environment. It allows them to get, set, list and dump all variables within the OSD Task Sequence environment. This tool also allows changes to ‘read only’ variables that cannot be changed with the original TSEnv.exe which is included in the Configuration Manager 2007 OSD environment.

Updated MMS 2009 Party Information!

Updated MMS 2009 Party Information! Your "Centralized" System Center Community!

April 27th – May 1st

Exhibitors, Presenters, and Community Servants

Find us at: BOOTH #633

What we're doing this year

·     Session SU30: "Community Saves Your Company Money, and Why Invest Time in It" Tuesday, April 28 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM, San Palo 3401A (grab the conference floor plan)

Session SU31: "Ask the Experts Panel" – Wednesday, April 29 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM, San Palo 3401A  (grab the conference floor plan)

·     Hourly Booth Raffles

·     The Party – Sponsored by Microsoft and 1E



Giving away everything you can imagine


·     1 XBOX 360 A DAY – donated by Microsoft  

·     Copies of System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashedsigned by the authors.
·     Copies of System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Administrator’s Companion – donated by MS Presssigned by the authors
·    Copies of Mastering System Center Configuration Manager 2007 – signed by the authors
·    Quest Software has donated two 12 month term licenses (one each) of their Toad for SQL Server and Capacity Manager for SQL Server products with support
·    Secure Vantage has donated a Microsoft Zune.

Annual Party at the Microsoft Management Summit 2009

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE:  The Premiere MMS Partyyour official invitation

Steeped in tradition, this year, will celebrate it's 9th annual party!  Who can say that?  The party ticket is the most sought after piece of SWAG at MMS, and the stampede to get one will be as large as ever – maybe larger! Don't believe me?  Watch the stampede from last year to understand what you're up against.

Thanks to the Dell folks for capturing the mad rush on film!

How to get a pass:

The MMS 2009 Expo opens at 5:30pm on Monday, April 27th, but the line to get into the Expo starts forming about an hour prior.  You'll need to beat the mad rush and stop by the booth #633 to grab a party button.  This button is your ticket into the party.  It MUST be worn to get entrance on Wednesday night. Party buttons are on a first-come first-served basis!


Date:  Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time:  5:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: Venetian Ballroom B.  (grab a floor plan – this is the MMS 2008 floor plan, but it's the same as MMS 2009)

What’s happening at this year’s party? 

  • Mix and mingle with your peers.  Put faces with names and reconnect with old friends.
  • Annual Awards Ceremony!  (Yes, we noticed all you did this year and want to Thank You!)
  • WIN COOL STUFF! (Enter the Raffle to win a Zune, or an Xbox 360!)
  • Eat, drink, and be merry!  Plenty of food and drinks for everyone!


This year marks the official announcement of our Community "Partners".  For a long time, folks have just assumed that Microsoft sponsors and promotes and that's how we have survived for so long.  That's simply not true.  While we appreciate the type of support that Microsoft gives us, it doesn't pay the bills.  Find out who actually invests in the vision and who is benefitting from our experience and reach by visiting our new Partners page:

ALSO…a very special MMS-only announcement!

Just for MMS 2009 we are EXPANDING our Bronze sponsorship numbers from 4 to 10!  If you were wanting to get in on the Bronze level sponsorship for now is your best chance!


In addition – we are offering a Show Special 15% off on Silver and Gold sponsorships if you sign up for one of these sponsorship within 1 month following MMS 2009.  Stop by booth #633 for more information.


Rod Trent Your "Centralized" System Center Community!

1E Gold Speaker Presentation – : Tuesday 28 April, 2009
Attend this session to gain a technical insight into all the latest features of NightWatchman and 1E WakeUp for power management and proactive computer health. Review new Nomad enhancements which minimize the bandwidth used for software and OS distributions and learn how to achieve lowest cost Windows 7 deployment. In addition, be one of the first to hear about 1E's new solution for server energy management.

Location: Room Veronese 2405, Time: 11.45am – 1.00pm

© 2009, Inc.

How to see 1E at MMS 2009…

1E is delighted to be participating as a Gold sponsor at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) in
Las Vegas from April 27 – May 1, 2009. We look forward to seeing you on Stand 309 to share how 1E is –

·         Delivering world leading expertise in Windows management at over 1,000 customers including AT&T, Dell, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless and Veterans Affairs

·         Reducing cost and saving customers money by lowering the overall cost of Windows management through energy savings, automation, reduced infrastructure and license control

·         Read the new PC Energy Report from 1E & The Alliance to Save Energy to see how Dell is saving $1.8 million per year

·         Innovating with new product solutions including NightWatchman Server Edition



Discover significant cost savings at 1E stand presentations

·         Save money with PC power management through NightWatchman

·         Embrace Computer Health with 1E WakeUp

·         WAN optimized software distribution using Nomad – Reduce server count and save on bandwidth

·         Software Self-Service using Shopping – Lower your software licensing costs







1E Gold Speaker Presentation – : Tuesday 28 April, 2009
Attend this session to gain a technical insight into all the latest features of NightWatchman and 1E WakeUp for power management and proactive computer health. Review new Nomad enhancements which minimize the bandwidth used for software and OS distributions and learn how to achieve lowest cost Windows 7 deployment. In addition, be one of the first to hear about 1E's new solution for server energy management.

Location: Room Veronese 2405, Time: 11.45am – 1.00pm




» Book a 1:1 meeting
Use this opportunity to book a pre-arranged 1:1 meeting with 1E while you are at MMS. This will give you the chance of discussing your requirements with us at an agreed date and time, and make sure that you maximize your attendance at the event.


For further information about 1E events worldwide please visit –

MMS 2009 Tuesday: Gold speaker slot presentation with Ed Aldrich and Geoff Collins

1E Gold Speaker Presentation – : Tuesday 28 April, 2009

Attend this session to gain a technical insight into all the latest features of NightWatchman and 1E WakeUp for power management and proactive computer health. Review new Nomad enhancements which minimize the bandwidth used for software and OS distributions and learn how to achieve lowest cost Windows 7 deployment. In addition, be one of the first to hear about 1E's new solution for server energy management.

Location: Room Veronese 2405, Time: 11.45am – 1.00pm


1E, a leading provider of Windows management software and services designed to reduce costs within the business environment, today announces that the US Department of Veterans Affairs has licensed PC Power Management software from 1E. The Department is currently deploying 220,000 seats of the Power and Patch Management Pack as part of its major Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager rollout. The deal will ensure costs savings throughout the organization and will also mean that the Department will be able to enjoy a reduction in its carbon footprint.


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