What is a Web Slice?

A Web Slice is a specific portion of a webpage that you can subscribe to, and which enables you to see when updated content—such as the current temperature, or a changing auction price—is available from your favorite websites. Once you have subscribed to the Web Slice, it appears as a link on the Favorites bar. When the Web Slice is updated, the link on the Favorites bar will appear with bold formatting. You can then click the link to see the updated content.

Setting up a local weather IE8 web slice

The IE8 add-on directory offers a weather web-slice, but only for the Seattle, WA area.  So, how do you setup a web-slice for your local weather?

Jump out to Live.com Search and enter your city and the word “weather” (with quotes).  The result will look something like the following:


When you hover over the weather component in the Live.com Search resulting page with your mouse cursor, you’ll notice that a green feed button appears.  Left-click on the green feed button and IE8 will ask if you want to subscribe to the new web-slice.


Once the new weather component is installed, you’ll have a new IE8 toolbar button which you can click to view the current, local weather conditions.