Seinfeld Season 11 canceled

I may be the only one on Earth who actually liked the Jerry and Bill commercials.  Still, if you only watched the short, abbreviated versions on television (instead of the Internet), I can understand that.  But, for those who love Seinfeld, the sitcom, the new commercials were like waiting for a new Seinfeld episode each week.  I was excited again, waiting anxiously for another episode.

Now, I hear that Microsoft ditched the Seinfeld commercials after hearing from sources on the web that folks “didn’t get it” and “didn’t like it”.  I assume it’s those folks who only watched the abbreviated versions on television, instead of the full length versions on the Internet, only because, otherwise, I’d have to count them a bit lacking in some area of their intellectual life.  I’m only giving them the benefit of the doubt.

So, without further ado, here’s a brief recap of the new commercials (the full length commercials):

Seinfeld Season 11, episode 1:

Seinfeld Season 11, episode 2:


Anti-Seinfeld Season 1, episode 2: