Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Beta Available

July 17th, 2012 by

Some of you know I’m a huge fan of Windows MultiPoint Server, and the next release is due out “soon”. I’ve been testing it here and I’m really excited about the new features, especially the built in VDI support for both Win7 and Win8 clients. This will solve issues around power users in business environments where WMS has been limited by the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). With direct support for virtual desktops using VDI, that should be a non-issue.

To learn more about Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, check out the official blog post here. To join the public beta, go to the Connect directory at and click on the Join link for Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Public Beta. (It’s right at the top, at least for the moment. )

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2 Responses to “Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 Beta Available”

  1.   Tim Frank Says:

    What is the licensing cost going to be for the VDI stations? Are organizations going to need to buy the VDI license? Without understanding the cost it is difficult to asses the value of being able to deploy Win7 and Win8 on top of Windows MultiPoint. Also what is the performance like of these VDI sessions?

  2.   Charlie Russel Says:

    Good question on licensing, and one that I’ve been asking my sources inside Microsoft’s MultiPoint team. Honestly, I don’t have an answer yet. Worst case scenario, if I read my various Microsoft Licensing Tea Leaf sites correctly, is that you’ll need BOTH a WMS CAL and a VDI CAL for each VDI client. If so, that essentially doubles the cost per seat. In some cases, that will make the cost hard to justify, but in other cases it will still work out cost effective. It just depends on too many factors to make a blanket statement. However, I’m hopeful that the final answer on licensing will be something that makes it clearly of benefit.

    Performance? I haven’t been able to test, yet. (I ran into two different, but equally fatal, bugs on my two WMS test machines, so waiting for either a new build or a private patch. ) But my expectation is that performance of directly connected stations will be very good, and of remotely connected stations still quite good. In both cases, I expect better than pure RDS to WMS. The more important capability, however, is that the clients will be CLIENTS, and not server sessions. This gets around all sorts of compatibility issues. The required resources on the server are significant, but not onerous. (See the documentation available with the beta for specific details.) In return, you get a completely private, highly manageable desktop.