On this page, I’ll try to list both former and upcoming events I’ll be leading or speaking at. With upcoming events, I’ll try to provide a signup link if that’s required or available. Sometimes it isn’t, of course.

2018 Events

When Where Title Description
14 March, 2018 BC LCB


{Infrastructure as Code}: Automate deployment of app infrastructure in Azure Charlie Russel and Dana Epp will discuss how to use Azure Resource Manager and the concept of “ARM templates” to automate the deployment and management of your applications into the Microsoft Cloud. Discussion and demonstration will ensue on how to leverage PowerShell, the Azure CLI and even Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to automatically deploy ARM templates to deliver an application in a scalable, reproducible manner.

2017 Events

When Where Title Description
4 January, 2017 UBC NSSP Wednesdays with Windows Server PowerShell and Hyper-V — Using PowerShell to configure Hyper-V and build VMs.
25 January, 2017 UBC NSSP Wednesdays with Windows Server New in Windows 10, QuickVM. Demo of QuickVM feature. Also, connecting to VMs from the command line (Using NTFS hardlinks, PS Remoting, vmconnect, and how to script them.) Finally, a discussion around IT job prospects and using community to build connections.
 1 June, 2017  Toronto MVP & Reconnect Community Social  A community meeting with MVPs and Reconnect members, along with Microsoft Canada
 2 June, 2017  Toronto  MVP Connect  All day meeting of MVPs and Microsoft. Discussions around social contributions, diversity, and product planning sessions.
 18 October, 2017  White Rock BC  Using  Your Computer in an Unsafe World  A 100-200 level discussion around security and connectivity issues