Dinner with geeks

Last night (my last in Seattle) I was fortunate enough to have dinner with a few of the SBS Dev team Alan Bilharz and Sean Daniel – both product managers for various sections of SBS and a few other people.  We went to the Icon Grill which was an excellent restaurant.  What amazed me the most was the deserts – I had this enormous slice of Texas Funeral Fudge Cake and I swear I was going to die just trying to get through it.  The cake was about 7-8inches high and rich chocolate.  I would seriously recommend a visit to the Icon Grill if you are in Seattle.

4 thoughts on “Dinner with geeks

  1. You forgot to mention all the fun conversation. 🙂 I suppose some of the SBS secrets need to stay Secret, isn’t that right Alan? :o)

  2. Actually Alan – she is – and a very pretty geek at that – she kept up with our conversation which was cool. Good luck mate!

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