Home now – thanks Qantas

After a 14hour flight from LAX to Sydney I am home.  Whilst it’s lots of fun to travel and visit new places, see old friends and so on, there is nothing like jumping into your car and getting back into the swing of things.  I’ve got to say that I love using my flyer points to get upgrades – and on this trip I was fortunate enough to get upgrades to Business class on both to and from the USA which is real value.  Qantas has installed these new seats into their business class sections called the Skybed – these seats can lay down so they are virtually flat.  On the return leg home, I got nearly 9 hours sleep which is a personal record for me.  I’ve arrived here in Sydney at 6:05am, and with only a brief diversion via home for a quick shower, am able to get back into work as if it were a normal day.  Now that’s what I call a valuable use of points.  More on SMB Nation shortly once I collect my thoughts.

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