MS knows best for my customers?

Ok – I’ve got to vent here – one of my largest customers got a phone call today from a lady at Microsoft.  This customers Software Assurance was due at the end of August and we have already taken their order and placed it with Microsoft.  So we’ve done well all round – both for the customer, ourselves and Microsoft.  The problem is though that according to the records, Microsoft have not recieved the order, furthermore this lady on the end of the phone proceeded to tell the customer that an MS Select Licensing agreement would be best for them and that yes – my company can’t sell them Select because we’re not big enough, but that she can put my customer in contact with another reseller who can help them.  WHAT!!!!  They take my customer and give them to someone else!!!  Seriously folks, what have I done to deserve this?  I’ve been a staunch MS supporter for many years, and have many clients under licensing with Software Assurance.  Are Microsoft going to do this to all my clients?  It’s actually the second time in the last month that it’s happened.  Yes – I’m taking it up with Microsoft locally and am looking forward to a response from them.  In the meantime I felt I had to vent and say – watch out – the MS Marketing machine seems to have a few wheels loose.

2 thoughts on “MS knows best for my customers?

  1. I’ve got to say that the people within MS are responding. Kerstin Baxter read my email at 6:52am this morning and already has responded with a "we’re looking into it and in the meantime, what can we do" Now that’s the type of help we need out here in reseller land. Thanks Kerstin – will look forward to hearing more.

  2. You’re not alone mate – I’ve had that happen several times to our clients in Adelaide. The local office apparently doesn’t know anything about it though as it’s handled from another unit in Sydney. PLEASE keep us posted with how you get on so us little companies can continue to do the work we try so hard to do for Microsoft without them pulling the carpet out from under our feet!!!!!

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